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What’s The Big Deal About Math?

What really makes this educational discipline so integral to our learning ashumans? Math, as a whole, has become such an intrinsic part of comprehensive education.Without the calculated use of numbers, shapes, equations, and so much more- wewouldn’t have made nearly as many advancements we use in our daily lives today! Isn’tthat crazy? Although math is a subject many people have…

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Environmental Issues

10 Daily Simple Lifestyle Changes To Preserve The Environment

Balance is the key when it comes to the human body or the environment to thrive best. Unfortunately, not much has been done to create this balance in nature. Problems like resource depletion, pollution, the “throwaway” culture, and the rise of consumerism have exerted immense pressure on the environment. Much damage has been done but it’s not too late to…

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Environmental Issues, Festivals

Panchuka : The Festival that celebrates Sustainability

Odisha, the land of temples, culture and art has unique festivals to it’s credit that celebrates true spirits of life. One such unique festival is Panchuka which is celebrated in the holy month of Kartika of the Hindu calendar. This festival overlaps from the month of October-November. The month of Kartika is considered to be the most sacred and holy…

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Social Awareness and Entrepreneurship: 5 Mantras to include Sustainability

Social Awareness and Entrepreneurship: 5 Mantras to Include Sustainability

In recent times, “Sustainability” has been the buzz word. Its important to understand what this buzz is all about, before we dive deep into the subject. In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. We are consuming resources at a…

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4 Easy Paper Diya for kids this diwali
Festivals, Kids

4 Easy Paper Diya For Kids This Diwali

Kids are always fascinated by the festival of lights, Diwali. One can say diyas and Diwali are almost synonyms to each other. This festival is all about delicacies, diyas, rangolis and decorating our cosy corners of the house. One of the most awaited festival in our house, diwali. As my kids are preschoolers and they don’t get chance to lit…

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I am not perfect but a masterpiece in making
My Friend Alexa

I Am Not Perfect Yet A Masterpiece In Making

No human body is flawless or perfect but unique in its way. We mortals only get to see the outer beauty ignoring the inner beauty, which defines who we are. We judge only on physical appearance forgetting about the struggles, challenges that every life faces behind. Forgetting about the beauty that resides inside. It’s these challenges and struggles in life…

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