How Important is the role of Protein in Childhood Development?
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How Important is the Role of Protein in Childhood Development? #63PercentMoreProtein

Right from infancy, kids need protein to support rapid growth, development, and immunity. To a parent, it is essential to know how important it is to incorporate protein in a diet and whether your child is getting enough protein. Adequate protein is needed in the most crucial period of development, that is childhood. Here’s how to tell if your child…

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The Neuroscience Behind Making Math Fun For Your Kids : Wonder Math Approach
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The Neuroscience Behind Making Math Fun For Your Kids: A Wondermath Approach

Mathematics has long been viewed with mixed feelings – awe at its universality and logic, and dread because of its perceived complexity. Transforming this perception, especially for children, is both an art and a science. The neuroscience behind this transformation is both fascinating and enlightening. The Power Of Storytelling and the Human Brain Since the dawn of civilization, stories have…

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My first love is not a person but a place
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My First Love was a Place and not a Person

पेहला पेहला प्यार हैपेहली पेहली बार हैपेहला पेहला प्यार हैपेहली पेहली बार हैजान के भी अन्जानाकैसा मेरा यार हैपेहला पेहला प्यार हैपेहली पेहली बार है……… For most people, the moment they hear the above lines a face appears in their mind, a violin starts playing at the backdrop, one can hear the thumping heart and love is in the air.…

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How To monitor your Child's Digital Wellbeing for a Healthier Lifestyle?
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How to Monitor Your Child’s Digital Wellbeing for a Healthier Lifestyle?

In a technology-driven society, the digital world is a living reality. The pandemic pushed us further into this digital world. Not only adults but it has become a reality even for our kids. For two academic years, schools imparted education through online classes. I can’t thank technology enough for that. Moreover, Instagram and other social media platforms have given new…

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Know Why You Should Have a Skincare Routine During Pregnancy

It is important to support your body as it goes through changes during pregnancy. Aside from lifestyle changes and shifting to a healthier diet, you should also consider a pregnancy-safe skincare routine.  Do I need a pregnancy-specific skincare routine?  The answer isn’t as straightforward. It would depend on your current skincare routine and your personal experience as a pregnant person.…

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Mutual Funds: The Best Investment Fund for Moms

Mothers are the backbone of every household and are vital in managing the family’s finances.Mothers are the guiding angels for their children and in every situation seeing the development of their children they change their approach for the betterment of the child. Mutual funds too come to our rescue in our financial emergencies and needs just like our mothers. For…

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