Environmental Issues

Creative ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your Daily Household Items

This is my second post for the campaign #causeachatter hosted by Blogchatter where I am championing #environmentalissues. I need not harp on the importance of having a green and clean environment. Nature has given us enough warnings to be conscious of our environment. Mending our ways is the only solution to help the earth and its living creature to breathe…

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Blog challenges

The Journey of Love

 Love is the most looked forward emotion on this mortal planet, yet complex and mysterious. Mysterious like the morning fog when you can hardly see or comprehend anything until the day proceeds. Even the most selfish and evil person looks forward to this emotion from others. But the moment when we say love, every person has his way of defining…

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Startup: Make your Dreams a Reality

The year 2020 has been harsh on so many, rendering fear, anxiety and uncertainty. Overall, a catastrophic year but few still managed to earn a fortune out of it. It has pushed so many to dream big, to do different and to fight back. As per Industry statistics, from having handful of tech companies to dozens and now thousands of…

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Travelling to hills with infants
Blog challenges, Kids, Travel

Travelling to hills with infants is not always thrilling

Image Courtesy : The image belongs to www.womb2cradlenbeyond.com and is strictly prohibited for reuse. First of anything is always special and leaves a distinct mark behind.Travelling to hills with infants is not always thrilling but one thing that it renders is life lesson.Our first experience to hills with our infants or I would rather say our bundle of joy was…

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Festivals, Kids

Have You Heard of Birthday Special Pancake?

The moment we talk about birthday celebration, the first thing that pops up in our mind is Birthday Cake. But, birthday cake is more westernized concept that we Asians have adopted in recent past. There are few states and countries who celebrate it in their own indigenous style. To mention a few, Chinese celebrate it with the longevity noodles, wishing…

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