I am not perfect but a masterpiece in making
My Friend Alexa

I Am Not Perfect Yet A Masterpiece In Making

No human body is flawless or perfect but unique in its way. We mortals only get to see the outer beauty ignoring the inner beauty, which defines who we are. We judge only on physical appearance forgetting about the struggles, challenges that every life faces behind. Forgetting about the beauty that resides inside. It’s these challenges and struggles in life…

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5 easy Father's day cards for kids

5 Easy Father’s Day Cards for Kids

Do dads get pampered like moms on mother’s day?? Well, the idea of celebrating father’s day is slowly catching up in India too. And there is nothing wrong with it. Dads are equally involved as moms in raising kids these days. Father’s day is around the corner. Is your little one is too young to make or buy a gift…

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