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10 Daily Simple Lifestyle Changes To Preserve The Environment

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Balance is the key when it comes to the human body or the environment to thrive best. Unfortunately, not much has been done to create this balance in nature. Problems like resource depletion, pollution, the “throwaway” culture, and the rise of consumerism have exerted immense pressure on the environment. Much damage has been done but it’s not too late to do our bit to restore the balance. Every individual can contribute by adopting 10 daily simple lifestyle changes to preserve the environment.

10 daily simple lifestyle changes to preserve the environment
Save Earth with 10 simple daily lifestyle changes

10 Daily Simple Lifestyle Changes to Preserve The Environment

Every Drop of Water Counts

1.Bucket bath instead of shower

One can save a lot of water by simply taking bath instead of using the shower. Several cities have already run out of water and others have a few days or months worth of water left. Your contribution can make a huge difference.

2. Use Discarded RO water

Not many know about the amount of water that is filtered by the RO water purifier that much amounted is wasted which comes out slowly and quietly from the outlet pipe. This water can’t be used for drinking but it can be used for other household activities like mopping or cleaning clothes. All you have to do is just extend the outlet pipe and have a container to collect the water that is discarded by the purifier. Once collected it can be used whenever it’s needed.

Dump plastic

3. Carry your cups/bottles

Do you know that the coffee behemoth Starbucks uses 8000 cups per minute? Imagine the figure for a year, it’s 4 billion. Disposable coffee cups are cool but they consume a huge amount of paper. Carrying a cup or mug while travelling can cut down this consumption to a great extent.

Moreover, try using metal bottles that are good for health rather than disposable plastic pet bottles. They are convenient to use but create havoc for the environment as plastic waste.

4. Bring your bag to the shop

Say no to plastic and save your environment .
Cloth bag

Every household should religiously practise bringing their own bag while shopping especially when it comes to groceries or vegetables. The ideal situation is to stop using plastic bags and start using cloth bags.

5. Prefer Virtual Shopping

Virtual or online shopping not only reduces carbon footprint but is also one of the safest options for shopping in today’s pandemic time. One should take care of buying items together to minimize shipments and prefer brands supporting eco-friendly packaging.

6. Don’t snip off the edges of milk packets/plastic packets

One of the easiest lifestyle changes but has a huge positive impact on the environment. It’s just the way you cut your milk packets or snack packets on daily basis. Instead of snipping off those tiny edges of the packets that end up in landfills, you need to make a horizontal cut to pour milk or have access to the snacks.

Cut your plastic and milk packets right.
Stop snipping off those edges.

Bengaluru alone can stop generating 50,00,000 small plastic pieces ending up in the garbage bin if they cut the milk packets right. This tweet of Tejaswini Anathkumar, chairperson of Adamya Chetna went viral in the year 2019. We can imagine the figure of all those tiny edges coming from all plastic packets and the hazards that it brings in numerous ways to the environment.

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Be responsible

7. Grow your own food

When it comes to growing your own food there is reluctance because of the space constraint. Terrace and balcony gardening is slowly catching up with the urban mass. This kind of gardening is becoming popular as one can grow fruits and vegetables in a limited space option. There are several courses and videos available over the internet to guide beginners.

8. Travel Responsibly

We are all aware of it but hardly follow it. Taking public transport is not only a wise decision but also helps the environment to thrive by reducing the carbon footprint. Switching to the metro or subway cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 76 per cent per passenger mile compared to driving own car. Taking a bus drive further reduces it to 33 per cent greenhouse gas emission per passenger mile over commuting solo.

Cycling is the best mode to travel
Do Cycling both for health as well as for the environment.

Walk wherever you can which is not only good for health but also for the environment. Cycling is another eco-friendly travel option that has no carbon footprint and is a great way to be fit.

9.Adopt Reuse & Recycle Mantra

The reluctance and feeling ashamed to reuse and recycle should be dumped immediately. It is not only in trend to reuse and recycle whatever you can but this practice is also the need of the hour to save our planet. It’s needless to say that reuse and recycle mantra saves a considerable amount of resources and energy.

Make Reuse and recycle your mantra
Make Reuse and Recycle your mantra

10. Opt for Preloved Thing

The second hand is ain’t so bad not only for books but also for other things like furniture, clothes, gadgets etc. Not only does it save your bucks but also you would be saving the environment by conserving resources, energy and prevent pollution too.

Embrace these small changes in your lifestyle to contribute your bit. Remember that we don’t have a planet B to rely on.

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20 thoughts on “10 Daily Simple Lifestyle Changes To Preserve The Environment

  1. Wow such an amazing list of suggestions to preserve the environment. luckily I follow most of these life style habits in my day to day life. recycling and re using seems like a small step but it can save and preserve our environment hugely if we all these regularly as a part of our routine life style.

  2. Very doable points Debi.I use natural terracota or glass bottles for water.I carry my own bag.I grow my own food.I wish each one of us could do this and make a difference in the ecosystem

  3. These are some really simple yet effective tips. Bucket water bath is something I always promote and opt for. And so is taking your bag. It’s environmental and cost beneficial ?

  4. These are some really practical list of to-do for all of us to preserve the environment. By doing small changes in lifestyle we all can bring huge change. We are strong supporter of such changes in the society.

  5. Great post and great reminder too. I am glad I am following all of these. Growing your own food is in the process soon I will be consuming home grown vegetables..

  6. It’s great that you have taken on the mantle to spread knowledge about saving our environment. It is really the need of the hour!

  7. These are very important pointers you have mentioned. I always make sure I am carrying cloth bags while going shopping – saves a ton of plastic pollution. We use the discarded RO water for watering plants and mopping.

  8. Apart from growing my own food I’m following all of the above and feel so proud of it. I can do better with recycling and trying. Good points that we must imbibe for our environment.

  9. These are such easy and doable steps we can take to preserve the environment and live a healthy life too. I Carry my own bags and reuse the waste water in plants. Also shifted from plastic to glass in my kitchen.

  10. These are some of the awesome steps towards creating beautiful and healthy environment for our next generation. Using paper bags , saving water , boycott plastic, planting new trees are the best ones .

    1. Thanks for visiting us. Soon we will be posting on gardening and how to grow your own food.

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