10 Easy Maintenance Balcony Garden Plants for a Beginner

10 Easy Maintenance Balcony Plants for a Beginner
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10 Easy Maintenance Balcony plants for a beginner
10 Easy Maintenance Balcony plants for a Beginner

Everyone wishes to open their eyes and look around the greenery or the open sky from their balcony space. The green color is not only soothing to the eyes but provides the calmness as well as serenity that one’s soul craves for. The little garden space that high-rise buildings are offering is the balcony. But with limited sunshine, maintaining this little garden can be a herculean task. This article will guide you to have your little green space by bringing in 10 Easy maintenance balcony garden plants for a beginner. The plants mentioned below require less or no maintenance at all and you can enjoy their company without any hassle.

10 Easy Maintenance Balcony Garden Plants for a Beginner

Sunshine is an essential aspect of the plant’s growth and depending on how much sunshine your balcony receives during different times of the day, you can choose or select the plants that you want.

Here is the list of plants that can add beauty to your little green space as well as have other health benefits of having them.

1. Snake Plants

The snake plant is a low and easy-maintenance succulent that can tolerate a lot of neglect and still sustain. Its thick and waxy leaves help the plant to tolerate water scarcity for extended periods. Not only this it’s a natural air-purifier as it removes toxic compounds like benzene, xylene, toluene, and formaldehyde and can keep loads of diseases at bay.

Simply, a must-go plant for your balcony if you are a beginner or a frequent traveler.

2. Peace Lily

The peace lily is one of the lowest-maintained plants that thrive in low humidity and low light, and is best for indoor usage. This plant is a good option for balconies that have very little or no sunshine at all. It normally blooms spoon-shaped white flowers during summer, but other types bloom at different times of the year. This is also an air purifier plant and removes toxic compounds from your surroundings such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

3. Jade Plant

Jade plant

Another low-maintenance plant that comes in various names like friendship tree, fortunate plant, and money tree is the Jade plant (Crassula Ovata). It is believed that it brings good fortune to its owners. Jade is a fantastic choice for your balcony for its tiny size, cheap care, and ease of installation. But it thrives best in bright sunshine. It is an air purifier plant that cleans the air of air pollutants.

4. Money plant

Money plant

Money plants are another easy or no maintenance plant that can even thrive in just water pots. But they have volume and grow rapidly if planted in soil. It is also considered an auspicious plant, bringing in wealth and good fortune to its owner as the name suggests. The other best quality about this leafy plant is that from one plant you can have several other plants through cutting. Very less watering required and is a beautiful climber that can add beauty to your indoors.

5.Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

This super plant just needs water when its soil is dry. No maintenance at all, great for both your skin and hair. This plant is a suc7culent that not only beautifies your balcony but also brings good luck and positivity as per Vaastu.

6. Basil

Basil or “Tulsi”, a plant that is invariably associated with almost every Indian household. No special care is needed for this shrub which has numerous medicinal properties that its leaves offer. A sacred plant in Hinduism is widely used in Ayurveda and folk medicine. It is also used as a culinary herb.

7. Chinese Evergreen Plant

It is an air purifier plant that cleans the air of air pollutants.

8. Spider plant

Spider plant .

Spider plants grow best when placed indoors, with a bright window or patio door that gets indirect sunlight. Balconies are perfect for them, avoid keeping them where there is direct sunlight as it can scorch them. These plants don’t need much care once a week watering is enough during spring and summer. In winter you can allow the soil to be a little drier between watering.

9. Boston Fern

Boston Fern

Its robust fern maintains its lush green look with minimum care. Boston ferns grow best on patios and indoors. They are low-maintenance plants but need high humidity to thrive. Keeping the soil moist helps them to remain green and not have dry, crisp leaves.

10. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm

One of the easiest palms to grow indoors and it is virtually maintenance-free. This indoor plant is my favorite too, the first reason is for its almost zero maintenance and the other is its long, slender shape of leaves. The right plant for beginner indoor gardeners. A slow-growing plant that takes years to reach a mature height and works great for your home decor.

Try out these plants in your balconies or indoor spaces and you would love them.

Don’t be in a dilemma and be sure to have a green thumb with these green buddies.

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