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10 Interesting Facts about COVID-19 that will amaze you.

10 Interesting facts about COVId-19 that will amaze you
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Even after months, we are still reeling under the pandemic that has created a havoc all over the globe. In spite of adopting “New Normal” in life there is surge in cases almost in all countries. The facts about this novel virus is still unclear and under several studies. However, after several clinical trials and surveys the research team has several interesting facts of COVID-19. Out of so many here I bring only 10 interesting facts that will amaze you for sure.

10 Interesting facts about COVID-19 that will amaze you.

1.Anosmia (loss of smell)

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath. But, with the spread of this pandemic another unusual and distinguished symptom of COVID-19 is loss of smell (anosmia) and to some extent loss of taste (ageusia).

Somehow loss of smell is also experienced in extreme cold and cough but in that case its because of blockage of nasal passage. But in COVID-19, its more of neural activity and takes much longer time to retain back olfactory functioning. Few patients take more than two months after recovering, to gain back their smelling sensation.

2. SARS- CoV -2, the virus that causes COVID -19 existed earlier and binds tightly to human cells.

The virus that caused SARS (SARS-CoV) is similar to the one that causes COVID-19 both are types of coronavirus only. So, yes coronavirus is not new. But, this particular virus SARS- CoV-2 binds with the human cells tightly 10-20 times more than the SARS- CoV (virus responsible for SARS). Coronavirus is not new as we all were thinking.

3.People with type A blood may be more susceptible to infection.

A Chinese study of 2,173 individuals hospitalized with COVID-19 found that the people with Blood group A were more infected as compared to the other blood groups in the general population. These findings were backed by the genomic studies of patients in Italy and Spain. The patients of blood group A were at higher risk of developing COVID -19 respiratory failures in comparison to other blood groups. The patients of blood group O are however less susceptible to COVID-19.

4.The COVID -19 virus can live on surfaces for days.

COVID-19 can be infected only from the respiratory droplets of an infected person either through sneezing or coughing. Apart from maintaining social distance one should also avoid touching surfaces at public places.

As the virus can live up to several days on a surface. Easily infecting the person who comes in contact.

The study shows it’s 24 hrs on cardboard and 2-3 days on plastic as well as on stainless steel. But, just for 4hrs on copper surface. Its important to keep the surfaces around you clean and disinfected.

5. Reinfection may be possible

Several people have a wrong notion that if a person is infected from covid-19 then that person will never get it again. But, there has been reinfection cases found in several countries . The risk of reinfection varies from person to person and also depends on the specific strain of SARS CoV-2 the person is exposed to.

6.Some people with COVID-19 have digestive symptoms.

Cough, fever, sore throat and shortness of breath are few most common symptoms found in COVID -19 patients. But, many also experienced digestive symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and lack of appetite.

According to a study published in American Journal of Gastroenterology, 48.5% of 204 people got admitted to the hospital with COVID had digestive problems.

7.Lopinavir, a HIV drug has been successfully tested on COVID -19 patients.

After 8 months of this pandemic, now we all are quite aware of the anti malarian drug chloroquine to be quite effective in controlling COVID-19. But, recent development in treatment of COVID-19 also says that Lopinavir, a HIV treating drug is also effective and is successfully tested.

8. Remdesivir,a drug for Ebola and Hepatitis C

Remdesivir, is an experimental antiviral drug that was developed initially for Hepatitis C and then for Ebola and Marburg virus infection. Remdesivir, is the drug that works by mimicking one of the four building blocks, adenosine (a nucleoside) which then inhibits in replication of the coronavirus. Hence, in recent development this drug is also quite effective on COVID – 19 patients.

9.Avigan (Favipiravir), popular anti-flu medicine in Japan

The latest encouraging discovery is the antiviral drug Avigan, which is a popular anti-flu medicine in Japan. It has been also quite effective for curing COVID -19.

10. Beware !! You can catch coronavirus from your pet .

Animals and humans do share many diseases. Things were scary when tigers tested positive for coronavirus in the Bronx Zoo. So, now the question is whether pets especially cats and dogs can get infected? Well, the research and several tests shows that cats and dogs are likely to get infected if they have a COVID positive owner. But not the other way round. An infected cat or a dog can also spread the deadly virus to other healthy pets in proximity. Usually the spread is in the same species.

Entire globe is trying to decode this novel coronavirus. Though scientists have been successful in knowing a lot about this deadly virus ,we are yet to explore more. This is my second post to the series of 8 posts #Covidcare. And hope you guys have enjoyed this post of “10 interesting facts about COVID-19 that will amaze you.”

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