3 Instant and No cook Dry Baby food powder for travel

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Summers have already set in and with vacations around, one is surely tempted to take break from mundane life.

Recently we had a seven days trip to nearby hill station.One of my favourite destination in summers but I was worried for my toddler twin’s health as cannot expose them to outside food except for fruits or milk.

Moms are always your saviour and rescues you when you are stuck.

My Mom is not only a great cook but my all time saviour, suggested me three homemade easy recipe for Instant dry Baby food powder.

Bingo !! Was just looking for something like this that just needs hot water or hot milk to prepare .

Then guys what are you waiting for , pack your bags for your summer sojourn , pack this three instant cerelac for baby which are tummy filler , nutritious and hassle free to make.

Ingredients are simple and easily found in the shelves of almost all Indian household.


Recipe #1


Flattened rice -200gm

ghee or clear butter – 4 tbsp

almonds 12-15

sugar – 2-3 tbsp

Green cardamom 5-6


Flat rice
  • In a frying pan , saute flat rice with good amount of ghee or clear butter for 5-10 mins.
Crushed or grated almonds
  • Add crushed or grated almonds to it And also grounded green cardamom for flavour.
  • Once the flat rice turns crispy , turn off the gas.You can check the crispness by crushing few flat rice with your fingers.
  • Allow them to cool , after cooling add sugar .You can add jaggery instantly while adding hot water, as jaggery has the property to absorb moisture which can spoil your baby powder.
  • Blend the sauteed flat rice along with grated almonds and sugar. Now just store them in airtight glass container or zipper plastic pouch for your trip to avoid breakage.
Flat rice cerelac

Recipe #2


Roasted black gram(without skin) -200gms

almonds or any nuts of your choice 10-12

Sugar – 3-4 tbsp


Roasted Black gram without skin
  • Take roasted Black or Bengal gram without skin in a blender ,these are easily available in markets.Add almonds crushed /grated or any other nuts of your choice ( cashew ) and sugar .
  • After blending black gram , nuts and sugar ,store the powder in glass container or zipper pouch bags which are easy to carry while travel.
Roasted Black gram (without skin) cerelac

Recipe #3


Brown rice – 100gms

Moong dal -100gms



  • Wash the rice and dal separately .Dry them in sun or else if you are having time constraint then microwave it at convection mode for 10-15 mins at 180°C .
Khichdi cerelac
  • Once your rice and dal are perfectly dry then saute it in 2-3 tbsp ghee or butter it gives good aroma .Add salt to it as per requirement and then grind them in mixer .
  • Store the powder either in glass container if you are at home or else in zipper pouch easily available in market . Zipper bags are air tight , light weight and handy to store your baby powder apt for short travel trip.

Plastic zipper bags

So you are done with tummy filling , nutritious , instantly prepared , uncompromising baby food powder.

Have an enjoyable trip without any worries , these baby food powder are easily digestible and gastro friendly.

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  1. wow Debi.. Keep going girl
    I used to make powder of roasted Chuda, almonds, chick peas and Cashews but didn’t know about brown rice and moong dal.

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