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4 Easy Paper Diya For Kids This Diwali

4 Easy Paper Diya for kids this diwali
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4 Easy Paper Diya for kids this diwali

Kids are always fascinated by the festival of lights, Diwali. One can say diyas and Diwali are almost synonyms to each other. This festival is all about delicacies, diyas, rangolis and decorating our cosy corners of the house. One of the most awaited festival in our house, diwali. As my kids are preschoolers and they don’t get chance to lit diyas all by themselves. They love making paper diyas which also helps them to be more creative. So, here’s 4 easy paper diya for kids this Diwali. Its simple, easy and requires basic materials to decorate your house with upcoming festival in more sustainable way.

Materials required for DIY Paper Diyas for Kids

  1. Coloured Chart paper of your choice ( I took pink, green and orange they render festive vibes)
  2. Glue (fevicol glue stick)
  3. Glittered paper ( yellow, red or orange)
  4. Pencil / Eraser
  5. Sketch pen ( Red or Orange)
  6. Paint Brush
  7. Poster colours / Acrylic colours
  8. Scissor

1.Handmade Diwali Card ( In shape of a Diya)

Cards are always special for any ocassion. And are great way to show your love and affection to the person you gift. A great gift option too for this diwali.


Materials for handmade diwali card

  1. Glittered paper
  2. Coloured chart paper
  3. Glue
  4. Scissor
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Acrylic colours

With simple cut and paste this beautiful card could be made.

Watch the video to know step by step process to make this beautiful and easy card.


Cut the shape of Diya in a red glittered paper and paste it on the green chart paper. Now, cut the shape of a flame on a yellow chart paper and paste the same on the yellow/ orange chart paper. Paste the flame in the middle of the diya. Cut the diya in two equal halves and paste a black strip of chart paper of about one and a half inch width at the back of the diya. paste only the two ends of the strip. Now , write your diwali message on the black strip with white highlighter pen or white paint .

Watch the video for detailed procedure

And now you are all set to gift it to your loved ones !!

2. Rocking Paper Diya

This is the most easy, peasy paper diya to make but it renders immense joy to kids. You can also decorate them anywhere in the house. It’s both fun as well as a decor item.

Materials for Rocking Paper Diya for Kids

  1. Coloured Chart Paper
  2. Glue
  3. Scissor
  4. Paints / decorative additives
  5. Sketch pen (Red or Orange)
Rocking DIY Paper Diya for Kids this diwali


This is the most simplest paper diya out of three. Cut a circle with a compass or bangle or any steel plate depending upon the size you wan on a coloured chart paper. The choice of colour depends on you . I have chosen red paper here. Fold the circle in two equal halves . Now, cut a flame shape on a yellow chart paper and outline it with red or orange sketch pen. Paste the flame in the middle of the diya. You can decorate your diya by pasting decoratives on it or you can also paint designs on it. However, it suits you.

Watch the video for Step by Step procedure

3. Twirling Paper Diya

This paper diya also renders lot of fun to kids as they can playfully twirl it which kids love to do . Moreover, it can also be used as a decor item too. The only care that you have to take is while pasting the quarter shaped pieces you have to be careful.

Materials Required

1.Coloured chart paper

2. Glue

3. Scissor

4.Glittered paper

5.Sketch pen

Twirling DIY Paper Diya for kids


First cut a circle from the coloured chart paper of your choice. Fold the circle in two halves and the again fold it to make it a quarter piece. This paper diya is bit tricky in terms of pasting the sides correctly or it won’t give the desired look. It will also fail to twirl. So while pasting the sides of the quarter pieces be careful. You have to make 8 equal quarter pieces and paste them by sides to give the shape of a flower with a base . It can twirl if you keep it on a smooth surface. Cut a flame shape of yellow glittered paper or on a plain yellow chart paper and paste it in the middle of the diya.

Watch the video for detailed procedure

4.Fan shaped Paper Diya

This paper diya is the most easiest of all. Kids can also make ” Torans” out of it, by pasting several diyas on a long paper srtip. The materials required are also minimal.

Fan shaped paper dIya
Fan Shaped Paper Diya

Materials Required

  1. Origami paper / colored paper
  2. Flame cut out from chart paper
  3. 3.Scissor
  4. .Glue
  5. Decorative additives


Take an origami sheet of any colour of your choice. Fold 1cm strip of the sheet flip it to the other side and repeat. Make several folds in the procedure mentioned above till the entire sheet is being used. Hold all the folds in the centre and make into two equal halves. Paste the two halves sides to give it a fan shape or semi circle . Paste the flame cut out in the centre of the fan shaped diya. Now, all you have to do is to decorate your diya with additives of your choice.

Tada !! its ready. For “torans” for your doors, take a long strip of paper and paste this diyas on it . Or you can also paste on a thread and decorate them on the wall.

Hope this post was helpful and kids had loads of fun trying these amazing diyas. Do share your thoughts and which diya you or your kids liked the most? Do share this with your friends and family to spread happiness and fun.

Sharing is caring !! Try atleast couple of diyas out of 4 easy paper diya for kids this diwali.

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