5 Easy Father’s Day Cards for Kids

5 easy Father's day cards for kids
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5 Easy Father's day card for kids

Do dads get pampered like moms on mother’s day?? Well, the idea of celebrating father’s day is slowly catching up in India too. And there is nothing wrong with it. Dads are equally involved as moms in raising kids these days. Father’s day is around the corner. Is your little one is too young to make or buy a gift for his dad? Wondering how your little one can make his dad look like a hero?

It doesn’t matter if he is too young, he can make an easy father’s day card instead!!

The card is the best way to make someone special. Even a toddler can make it with simple and regular supplies without any hassle.

Here, we bring you easy and simple ideas to make great cards for father’s day. All you need are basic craft materials like a pencil, glue, colours and card paper or any paper. It’s the emotions that a card displays matters most. Right!!

My preschoolers has been making these simple cards since they were just two years old. Here, we go with the simple but easy card ideas for father’s day. Explore and enjoy the 5 easy father’s day cards for kids.

5 Easy Father’s day cards for kids

1. Thumbprint card

It’s easy as well as fun to make. Toddlers love this activity as they love the colours. All you need is watercolours and paper. We made this card couple of years back and my daughter was so engrossed while making it for her dad. Dad’s little princess was excited to make her dad look like a hero. Thumb painting is a great activity for developing Prewriting skills too. Strengthening muscles of the thumb for proper grip.

Thumb painting card for father's day
Thumb painting

2. Monkey handprint Card

Handprint card for Father's day for preschoolers

This is a unique use of handprint – to make a little monkey. Colour the palm of the child and take its print on the paper. Paint a tail and a head with few branches and your hanging monkey is ready. You can either draw or paste googly eyes to add more fun to your card. You would love to hear those giggles after pasting the googly eyes for sure. If your child is a preschooler then make him write the message.

3. Rocket cutout paste Card

Rocket cutout and paste card by using various shapes for father's day card.

A simple card but needs adult’s help as the cutouts have to be provided to kids. This activity is not only fun for kids but also help them to identify and learn shapes. The fire of the rocket can also be shown by paper strips cutout or bright-coloured threads or wool threads that could be used giving simple knots.

4. Popsicle cutout paste card

Kids love popsicles in summers and you can see that twinkle in their eyes when they make one. Any coloured paper cut-outs can be used but felt paper has a different texture that gives vibrancy to the card. We had used felt paper and it had come out very well. Buy Feltpaper here.

5. Watermelon slice cutout paste Card

Watermelon slice cutout card for father's day !!

Another favourite fruit of everyone in summers is watermelon. The red colour of the fruit is catchy and make kids jubilant. All primary colours like red, blue and green fascinate kids a lot. Usage of any coloured paper cut out will do but felt paper gives a bright look. A heartfelt message on it and you are done.

What are you waiting for ? Make your child choose a card that he would like to gift his dad. Collect the supplies and enjoy crafting. Dad’s heart will be warmed seeing his little one’s effort . Make this year a special one.

Happy Crafting !!

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