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7 Indian Brands That Have Made Fashion More Sustainable: Fibre to Fashion

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& Indian Brands that have made Fashion sustainable
7 Indian Brands that have made Fashion more Sustainable.

The world produces about 300 million tons of plastic waste every year. That’s nearly equivalent to the weight of the entire human population. Most of the littered plastic either ends up in landfills or is being carried away by the rivers to the ocean. If this trend continues, our ocean will have more plastic than fish by 2050. Effective management of plastic waste is the need of the hour. The clock is ticking and if we are not pro-active then our doomsday is not far off. But the world is waking up to the problem, and even brands are coming forward with innovations to use recycled plastic. How can the fashion Industry stay far away from such innovations? The garments made out of recycled plastic reduce carbon emissions by 54%, energy consumption by 50%; they also save 27 litres of water per piece and perform better than 100% virgin polyester. All these benefits come from a recycled plastic fibre that proves to be better and sustainable than polyester. Sustainable Fashion is known to the UK as well as the US for quite some time now. But, in India, this trend is in its nascent stage. In the last decade, many Indian brands have stepped into this niche and render a creative way of dealing with plastic waste. This article highlights the top 7 Indian brands that have made fashion more sustainable: Fibre to Fashion. The only thing that we need to do is to embrace this sustainable fashion as we don’t have a planet B.

7 Indian Brands that have made Fashion more Sustainable: Fibre to Fashion

Oceans are having the largest resource for plastic waste and brands are coming up with innovations to recycle these plastics into the fibre. The fashion industry is coming up with brands that are embracing sustainable, ethical and conscious clothing. All we can do as an individual is to make the right choice, a move that can contribute a greener and better planet.

1.Alcis Sports (Paragon Apparels)

Alcis Sports, a sub-brand of Paragon Apparels was created in 2016 by a 46- year -old National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) graduate, Roshan Baid. The tagline of the brand itself says “from Plastic to Fantastic”. This brand has a whole range of sportswear and athletic gear. Their clothing is not only athletic but also fashionable and within your budget. Today, almost 50% of Alcis’s entire apparel line is made up of recycled plastic PET bottles. The company’s technology makes the garment breathable, anti-sweat, and anti-odour, besides ensuring it is very light, weighing just 86gm per piece on average.

Image source: Alcissports.com

Buy : Alcissports.com

2.Artisanns Nest

This conscious local brand works with over 1000 kgs of only pre-consumer textile waste that would have found its way to the landfills. The scrap is then given a new lease of life in the form of woollen cushions and bean bags. The artsy beauties are mainly created using patchwork and are made for cosy nights, coffee chitchats, book readings or even laid back workspace.

BeanBags out of textile waste
Image source : ArtisannsNest.com

Buy :ArtisannsNest

3. Doodlage

Doodlage, the most loved eco-friendly fashion label of Indian based in New Delhi. Founded by Kirti Tula and Parash Arora to curate post-production and post-consumer textile waste into women’s, men’s and accessory collections. Now in over 40 stores across India, it’s a brand that has spread its tentacles rapidly. The brand is known for upcycled clothing and using natural fibres to create ethical garments.

Image source :Doodlage.com

Buy : Doodlage.in

4. Doh Tak Keh

Mumbai-based luxury streetwear brand founded by Juhi Melwani, Doh Tak The, takes fabric scraps and turns them into jackets, pantsuits, shirts and skirts. The items have intricate embroideries of hand-made illustrations. Besides sourcing textile scraps from all over the country, she also reuses leftovers from her Doh Tak Keh studio that get translated into beautiful details on her creations.

Buy : www.dohtakkeh.com

5. Eco Wings

Eco Wings is an international brand founded in 2011 by Kapil Sharma, an Indian designer with a passion for nature and innovation. The design and production of the products happen in it’s workshops in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Eco Wings gives a second life to the rubber tubes from the tires of the truck that would have added up to the pile of growing waste. They upcycle the used rubber tires of the truck and offer trendy, stylish and handmade professional bags and accessories.

Eco Wings Contribution and Impact
Eco Wings contribution and Impact
Eco Wings : Rozer Pack
Eco Wings : Rozer Pack

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6. Paaduks

Paadukas, a footwear brand that shapes old tires, rubber mats, and even conveyor belts into comfortable, everyday wear sandals for both men and women. Co-founded by Jay and Jothsna Rege in 2013. The footwears have distinct Indian designs as they use kalamkari, ikat, ajrakh, dabu and indigo prints.

Indian brand offering Fashion Sustainable Footwears
Image source : Paaduks.com

Buy : Paaduks.com

7.Nothing new

Nothing new, a sustainable sneaker brand that uses 5.6 plastic PET bottles for every pair, saving 160 gallons of water compared to traditional cotton canvas sneakers. The brand claims that all the materials that go into the making of its sneakers, down to its lace and the label are all made up of recycled plastic.

Fashion sustainable Sneakers from Paaduks, an Indian Brand.

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These Indian brands are not only conscious about their environment but are also providing employment opportunity to the locals. Apart from recycling and upcycling waste, they are also trying to introduce ethical and conscious clothing by adapting natural fibres as well as dyes.

Now, its up to us to choose better.


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