8 ways to bounce back after Miscarriage

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Pregnancy and miscarriage are two sides of the same coin,completely opposite. One gives you, sheer joy whereas other pushes you to the nadir of depression.

Miscarriage is a scar of grief that stays with you through out your life.

“When you lose a baby and are made to feel like it’s just a common medical condition,it is heart shattering”

-Zoe Clark -Coates-

Surprisingly , it’s still a taboo in the modern society and said in hush hush voice .There are quite surprising facts related to miscarriage.

1.Miscarriage can feel isolating – 40% of those who have experienced a pregnancy loss feel very alone.

2.Society views it as a “TABOO” subject – Despite being so common, miscarriage largely remains as taboo and private subject in our society.

3.Open conversation, promotes healing and recovery – Pain and grief multiplies by several fold when it’s not shared. Opening up always promotes healing and throws light on how others can avoid it.

The joy of motherhood is being snatched away from you at a lightning speed the moment miscarriage happens.

But then the life has to move on and one has to embrace it , leaving the past behind.

Mental health is more vital than physical ,for that, one has to emerge from the clouds of grief and pain.

Ways that can help you to bounce back.

1.Connect with your inner self

If you are at peace from inside then only you can portray to be calm from outside. Restless mind not only creates waves of anxiety within but also effects your surroundings.

You can adopt any of the following ways that soothes your grief and pain. You can start up with one or can adopt all.

  • Do yoga
  • Do Meditation
  • Read spiritual books on life and death ,that can provide you with a better insight of things beyond your control.

2.Listening to Music

Music is a great healer, it’s like a sponge that absorbs all your pain.

Here are few popular links of music that are used widely for meditation and healing.You can explore yourself for videos of your choice at YouTube.

Music for healing



3.Pick up a hobby/Passion

Rejuvenate yourself by picking up a hobby or start doing something which you were always passionate about like photography, dancing , learning music or any musical instrument, painting, cooking . Evoke your creative side . Learning new skills to follow your passion will help in eradicating all your pain.

4. Adopt a pet

If you always wanted to keep one but did not get the opportunity ,then it is the right time to adopt a pet that you longed for. In recent times pet therapy is gaining popularity in health care ,as it helps the patient to cope better with wide range of health issues like heart disease, cancer and mental disorders.

Animals are healers and they help you to recover from both physical and mental pain. So hurry up, go to a pet adoption centre and bring a puppy or a kitten or any other animal of your choice.

5.Share your story with your friends and family.

You should vent up all your emotions that is being piled up deep down. Empty it and you would feel light and a part of grief is being released the moment you share your grief to close ones.

Be careful while sharing your feelings to near and dear ones ,make sure that they really love you and are concerned about you.At times we vent up our emotions to wrong person ,who actually enjoys seeing our pain or make fun of it. This can hamper the whole process of healing ,making you feel guilty of your act and again pushing you back to depression.

6. Hangout with friends

Friends are the best person on whom you can fall back without any hesitation .You can vent up all your emotions and plan for some outdoor activities. Do ,what best you did with your friends.

7.Start giving back to society.

In your own humble way ,you can start giving back to the society. Volunteering yourself at orphanages, old-age homes will not only keep you busy but could realise the pain that is there deep down ” joy of giving is far more than receiving”.

8.Connect with nature

Nature is another great healer it teaches you to be patient ,calm and peaceful.

You can start with :

  • Birdwatching if you love birds,
  • Gardening,
  • Bring flowering pots at your place and start nurturing them.

The above mentioned ways have helped few of my friends and acquaintances to bounce back to life . Life is a rollercoaster having its own ups and downs !! Every down teaches us a valuable lesson and ups shows as life is a beautiful journey to be adored and enjoyed.?

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