Arivaan: Among the best Tamil Crime Thriller Web series in recent times on ZEE5

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With the ongoing pandemic times that the entire globe is facing, watching movies in cinema halls is a distant dream. But with ZEE5 it’s all possible within the comfort of your house. Zee5 is one of the leading online streaming Over The Top (OTT) platforms with 90+ live TV channels and 1.25 lac + hours of viewing across the languages of English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi and other Indian languages, making it a complete video destination for OTT viewers.

Being a movie buffer, I always look for good movies and web series to binge to keep myself calm during this maddening Lockdown phase. That’s how I relax and I stumbled upon this intriguing web series Arivaan.

On watching its promos I could not stop myself but followed the entire web series that started from 20th April.

Arivaan has a gripping story plot to offer that one cannot afford to miss out. The web series is divided into 42 episodes.

The Story

Arivaan the revelation story is a Singaporean Tamil International crime suspense thriller web series from D. Velmurugan and Kumaran Sundaram. It is produced by Mediacorp Eagle’s Vision.

This web series is a nail-biting suspense thriller and serial killer murder mystery, propped by a gripping story plot and enthusiastic cast. The series revolves around the serial killer on the loose and an ex-cop with gifted abilities, who are recruited to enmesh the serial killer.

Hari, the protagonist is a retired police officer gifted with ESP (extra sensory perception) power and the only hope to nab the psycho killer on the loose. He is a divorcee and is a retired police officer who is under medication now.Banumathi is a nurse and ex-wife of Hari. Deva is Hari’s old-time buddy and is currently investigating a missing girl case. Akhila is a rescued girl from post-traumatic disorder and the last victim of the psycho killer. The story mainly revolves around the above-mentioned characters with its own twists and turns. This web series offers a jaw-splitting climax that has helped in garnering raving critics and success.

Arivaan Web Series Cast

● Jabudeen Faruk as HARI
● James Kumar as DEVA
● Gayatri Seregan as BANUMATHI
● Udaya Soundari as AKHIL
● Venga as HARI’S FATHER

My Takeaway on this Web Series

Arivaan means “The knower” in Tamil. The story is being told in an engrossing non-linear style.

You can’t afford to miss this Tamil Web series, the storyline that navigates through several twists and turns that is way beyond one’s imagination. Apart from chasing serial murder mystery, the story goes interesting as it unfolds. The introduction of Banumathi and Hari is a nice one that renders a soft touch to this gruesome serial murder mystery. Her crush on Hari is poetically portrayed. The director builds good suspense on why they broke up and about Hari’s present condition.

Another interesting aspect of this series is how Hari uses his gifted ESP power to solve the mystery. This web series portrays love, friendship, suspense, thrill and drama. A one-stop destination for all human emotions that would keep you glued to your screens.

Apart from the captivating storyline that it offers, this web series has a fantastic and brilliant cast. Viewers can be easily smitten by their brilliant performance.

Last, but not the least you are getting all this for FREE. Yes, you can watch this Tamil Web series daily on ZEE5.

Start watching this suspense thriller that would keep you at the edge of your sofa throughout the series. It has already garnered raving critics and viewership for the jaw-splitting climax that it offers.

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  2. I totally am into crime thrillers. This new web series on ZEE5 I have missed somehow. Thanks for the review. I definitely need to catch up

  3. I haven’t watched this one, but otherwise love Tamil movies or series. They have a strong definitive punch and style of their own. Would love to watch this with subtitles, thanks you.

  4. With the lockdown being enforced, we have started binge watching. And OTT platforms have such great variety. With subtitles we have become multilingual all of a sudden.

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  6. The plot seems really intriguing, I am a fan of suspense and thriller dramas. I will definitely be watching this on ZEE5. They have such a vast collections of all these drams and movies.

  7. This sounds like an interesting watch. But I don’t speak or understand Tamil. Does it come with English subtitles?

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