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Being Xenodochial helped

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Virtual friendship

What is Xenodochial?

Okay, this looks like a tough word and many would-be wondering the meaning of it.

Well,” Xenos ” is a Greek word for “strangers;” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, xenodochial means “hospitable.”In short, Xenodochial means “friendly to strangers”. It may refer to people or software.

Now, you all must be wondering how this can help a person battling with infertility?

Yes, in fact, it’s good to be “Xenodochial”. Infertility journey is quite different from other journeys of life as it has social stigmas attached to it. Emotional and mental pain torments more than numerous injections.

In this journey, people confine their pain and suffering to themselves. But on the contrary, you need to be stress-free to help your hormones work in favour of you. For that social networking always helps. Support groups can come for your rescue.

How Xenodochial can help you in your infertility journey?

1. By Joining Support groups, venting out is easy.

There are several support groups available in Facebook and other platforms like Mompresso wherein you can join share your story, your experience, your pain. And in return, you get genuine feedbacks, kind and empathetic words that uplift your dying spirits. Rejuvenates and heals your wound may be in a small way but it helps to calm down your anxiety.Virtual friendship is also a good way to connect with like-minded people.

Venting out your emotions help to soothe your nerves. You can also maintain anonymity if you want, by requesting the admin to post your issue without revealing your identity.

2. Getting genuine help

If you are stuck with an issue or dilemma .And are clueless to decide, what will be your next step? You can share your problem in the groups and get several perspective and opinions without any biases. Many also ask for recommendation for good clinics or doctors who are reputed and available close to their locality.

3. Making New friends

At times interaction with strangers help you to meet like-minded people who can be friends forever. You get a shoulder to share your worries, anxieties without any expectation.

Sharing your daily experience, your worries, your routines help you to stay positive mentally and help you to heal from inside.

During my journey when I had numerous visits to hospitals I had made friends who are still in touch. Our bond of friendship has grown over the years. We have shared our worries, our suffering and also our happiness.

If you are struggling in your infertility journey join hands with others who are in the same boat, then sailing becomes much easy. Not only that even your outcomes of your efforts are also positive as you are mentally more relaxed.They understand you more than your family and friends.

This is a part of the series #trystwithinfertility of Blogchatter A2Z for the letter “X”.

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9 thoughts on “Being Xenodochial helped

  1. I completely agree with you. At such times you are rarely comfortable talking to someone and sometimes you do not even share with your husband because you know they are as stressed as you. Talking to people in groups and sometimes to someone you do not even know helps and gives the much needed confidence. Lovely post

  2. I didn’t know what Xenodochial mean. I think you are absolutely right, meeting arrangers and talking to them or venting out without being judged definitely helps!

  3. Xenodochial a completely new word, and thanks for sharing its meaning.
    Lovely connect of this word with infertility.
    Being friendly to strangers, joining groups, sharing certainly helps to sail this journey with ease.

    1. Yes, Pragun at times when you are friendly with strangers you are not worried about the thought what others will think as in support group most of them face similar problems and empathize with your issues.

  4. Xenodochial an Interesting and very new word to me, now by your detailing I can resonate with its meaning and importance in ones life, I agree venting out is extremely important for the healthy body and mental peace as well, I have also joined many groups on fb and connecting with like minded people is indeed a a kind of blessings.

  5. Debi, indeed xenondochial was a new term for me and I had learnt the meaning of this first time with your post. I agree with all your pointers. yes support groups can help a lot in reducing pressure and anxiety .

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