Beloved: Weekly Photo Challenge

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“Beloved ” this week photo challenge topic was so inviting that I could not resist myself without  participating.This is my first time participation.

I think I am the last entrant for this challenge , anyways participation is more important right ,than to be an early bird.

This picture is close to my heart , as it gave us the joy of being parent of both a boy and a girl after a long wait of 10 years. In fact this was our first outing as a complete family and our first family picture too.

Almost after one and half years I went out for a vacation apart from clinic visit or quick parlour visit , even my shopping had shifted to online.

Excitement was at its peak primarily of two reasons , one stepping out after a long gap and secondly we were heading to a very serene and virgin hill station of Himachal , Mashobra.

Every nature loving person would want to visit that heaven again & again.It was a feast to eyes with luscious green carpet , lofty mountain peaks capped with snow , tall pine trees , soft woolly clouds that kissed you and moved on.The sight was really breathtaking , Mashobra was untouched and virgin from treacherous clutches of commercialisation.

The nostalgic evening spent out with your heartthrobs( my soul mate and my kiddos) having a romantic candle lit dinner and soulful background music by live band.This  was not straight out from some romantic movie but a memorable page of my life.

Wish I could freeze that lovely evening  ,but thanks to technology for saving our memories digitally, Unwrapping beautiful memories every time you see.


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