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Blogchatter A2Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

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Holla Readers,

March was fun as I hopped on a blog train and met so many talented and new bloggers sharing views on women empowerment and Self-love. April is going to be crazy and energy draining as I am hopping on to the most difficult, challenging and mother of all challenges ie. none other than Blogchatter Event of A2Z challenge.

It’s 26 posts throughout the month starting from A and everyday one has to come up with a blog post with alphabets in order. Isn’t it Crazy ? I wonder how to pull up my socks. Last year, had posted total of 26 posts through out the year. Now, that’s being squeezed in a single month. Getting ready for all the madness and adrenaline rush that’s required to sustain this month long challenge.

Theme Reveal

Digital space is full of motherhood bliss and parenting tips . One can find plethora of thoughts on parenting, kids behavior , kids recipes , motherhood sojourn and list goes on. Nobody speaks about the journey before motherhood, for some it’s like walking in a dark tunnel without any hope of light.

Infertility is a growing menace in India, a silent battle for millions of women . Nearly, 27.5 millions couple in reproductive age who are actively trying to conceive are suffering from infertility.

My theme for this A2Z challenge is :

“TRYST WITH INFERTILITY : My Journey from being Childless to Mother of two.”

It’s the tale of millions of Indian woman going through societal pressure, physical pain, mental pain to attain the bliss of motherhood.

So, join with me to know 26 shades of Green . Why Green? As this colour symbolises fertility, birth and new beginning.

Let’s lend an emotional support, a word of love and motivation to those who are fighting silent battles. Getting emotionally, physically, financially and mentally drained out.

Hear the untold story of this growing menace through 26 posts ,wherein I would share all the aspects of Infertility , how I sailed through the pain when I was trying to conceive and many more eye opening side to it.

So, WAIT and WATCH for this space.


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6 thoughts on “Blogchatter A2Z Challenge – Theme Reveal

  1. Wonderful theme dear! Looking forward to reading your posts. I am still struggling with mine. 🙈

    1. Don’t worry I m there to company you. We can motivate each other to sail through this. I am yet to complete my first draft , moreover got a paid assignment to be handled in the same month. So, don’t know how far would I sail. Once again thanku for finding my theme to be interesting as I was bit skeptical about how people would take it. Will I get readers? Now there is a hope .Thanks for motivating me

          1. Hi! I have disabled the log in feature. So sorry for the inconvenience caused. You can check it out now. Thank you!

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