#Book Reciew : Healthy eating for Busy Moms

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Healthy Eating For Busy Moms

Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.     

~ Giada De Laurentiis

Food and health, undoubtedly go hand in hand. What goes inside not only reflects on your built-up but also on your personality and nature.

The ebook “Healthy Eating for Busy Mom’s” rightly does that. We, moms often forget to take care of ourselves in the humdrum of daily mundane life. But, that effects our overall health both physical as well as mental. Yes, one needs a proper diet for mental health too.

Moms have always been a multitasker and today’s mom don several hats to her credit. Juggling all of them with the perfect balance. This ebook is definitely going to help you more by creating a perfect balance between house and work without compromising the taste and variety of dishes that you would serve for your family.

#Book Review of Healthy Eating for Busy Moms

Name of the book – Healthy Eating for Busy Moms

Author – Surbhi Prapanna

Publisher – Blogchatter

Format – Ebook

Language – English

Rating – 4/5

The Author

Dr.Surbhi Prapanna is a homoeopathic therapist by profession and a writer as well as blogger by passion.She has more than 4 years of writing experience and her work has been published on various online platforms like, , and

Health, parenting and creative activities for kids (art, crafts ,DIYS etc) are her niche. And she shares her areas of expertise and parenting experience on her blog She has won several awards for her academic and professional excellence. But winning the “Best parent award” is most precious and satisfying experience of her life.

Apart from being a therapist, blogger and writer she is also a caring wife and a doting mother to two lovely daughters who are equally talented like their mother.

My Takeaways

1. All the recipes are healthy and use of oil and spices are very limited. This book provides a good melange of healthy tips and recipes. Great help during this Lockdown period when we had limited ration option.

2. A good variation of One-pot meal recipes , this was my best takeaway. One should check out the “Energy Buddha Bowl” recipe. It was a showstopper recipe for me, as it offered umpteen variations. You can have this one particular recipe throughout the week with little pre- preparation and still can have variation everyday.

3. Apart from providing healthy recipes, she has also introduced a few millet and pseudo cereals which are less known but have numerous health benefits. The recipes like Amarantha paratha and Barnyard khichdi was definitely a revelation to me.

4. The best chapter as per my opinion, was the healthy tips that she has provided for busy moms. How to pre-plan, shop, that can make your busy weekdays a cakewalk. These tips are not only for busy moms but for even those who are staying alone and far from family.

5. The recipe’s health benefits and procedure were mentioned at length. The writing style was simple and lucid.


To be honest, I did not find any. It was a complete package that offered all the aspects of healthy lifestyle, from recipes, to health benefits, to tips and healthy practices by few super busy moms.

A holistic approach to healthy lifestyle not only to busy moms but everyone in general.

Time is ticking and you are getting a complete package to stay healthy with great recipes and tips. All you have to do is grab your free copy now.

Hurry !! Only few days left for FREE download option.

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  1. Wow thanks a lot Debi for this amazing review. You had made my day dear. I m so glad you liked the book and found it useful for busy moms. Once again a big thanks for taking out time and read the book. Means a lot to me.

    1. Pleasure is all mine, Surbhi. But the review little earlier would have helped in spreading the word more.

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