#Book Review: Bolly Talkies by Archana Srivastava

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A complete guide to Bollywood Cinema

Bollywood and Cricket are almost synonymous to Entertainment in India. The moment people want to chill or relax, these two things first popup in their mind. Many times Bollywood pushes cricket to back seat when options are measured.

This book is not only for movie buffers but for anyone who wants to take a tour on Bollywood in general. I must appreciate the efforts of the author on the assortment of movies that she has done. Carefully handpicked gems of Bollywood. A mixture of both classics as well as the most recent one’s.

Few of them are cult movies and we have grown watching them. A mixed bag of movies from all genres.

Book Review of Bolly Talkies

Name of the Book – Bolly Talkies

Author – Archana Srivastava

Publisher – Blogchatter

Format – Ebook

Language – English

Rating – 4/5

About the Author

She is an MBA Graduate with academic experience. Loving Wife and doting mother of two wonderful kids. Passionate about singing and dancing . Celebrating festivals with family and hanging out with friends give her immense pleasure. Writing has been her passion since childhood. A chirpy and fun-loving girl by heart.

My Takeaways

Key Highlights

*This ebook is divided into 26 chapters that highlight a Bollywood movie or the protagonist character of the movie. She has begun with the character of Amiran from the legendary movie Umrao Jaan”. The character and the movie that is etched forever in our hearts.

* Each chapter gives a sneak peek of the movie by briefing the storyline. The best thing that I liked about this ebook was the connect that the author has tried to establish with the movie by mentioning the life lessons that she has learnt. Many movies have also influenced her thought process and her interests during her growing years.

* Apart from introducing gems of Bollywood from across the genre, the author has also introduced actors from the comedy genre and yesteryears who ruled the silver screen during their heyday.

* Friendship has always ruled at the box office and the author has beautifully mentioned few evergreen movies that one can watch in loops. These movies are an all-time favourite for everyone.


* The author could have elaborated the ebook a little more.Mention of Kid’s movies and legendary actresses who ruled over the silver screen more than a decade could have glorified this ebook more. Mention of Indian actresses like veteran Waheeda Raman, evergreen beauty Madhubala, Tragedy queen Meena Kumari could have given readers a glimpse of legendary actressess who are still revered for their brillaint performances.

*The writing is lucid, and the vocabulary is simple, which helps the book in being a fast read.


This ebook is the best pick during this lockdown period when one tries to binge a good movie to relax and unwind from indoor challenges that we all are facing today. A good and insightful compilation of movies that is worth watching.

The author has carefully handpicked the best among the humongous collection of movies that Bollywood provides.

Grab this ebook and vanquish your boredom by binge watching on Bollywood gems that you might have missed .It will be your guiding star while selecting movies from the vast ocean of Bollywood.

A complete guide to Bollywood is up for grabs.

Bolly Talkies by Archana Srivastava

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  1. Hey I read this book. Really interesting. I never look at bolly movies with any motive of learning from them but this book made me look at it another way altogether.

  2. I am a movie buff and would love to read this one for sure. Though my connection with the book is more towards the fiction side, however a nice book is always welcome.

  3. Even I have read this book.I feel Bollywood is so vast that it’s tough to cover everything. Please do take out time and read my ebook as well, Dreams Decoded it’s published in blogchatter ebook carnival.

    1. Oh !! Sure Ujjwal, but i have still few book reviews pending. Will catch up with yours once I am done with reviews.

  4. I’m a complete Bollywood lover and this book sounds like the perfect way to spend some relaxed time. It will surely be refreshing to revisit old memories and movies through it.

  5. Arey wah! Sounds really interesting. I have a similar coffee table book on Bollywood. A compilation of Indian movies is totally up my alley. I am always looking to explore Indian cinema.

  6. This is such an interesting idea which author has turned into an e-book. I am surely going to pick this one up as it will come handy especially in these times.

  7. This seems like a good coffee table read book. A glimpse into the gems of Bollywood movies seems like an interesting read. Thanks for the recommendation

  8. I would enjoy reading this while traveling or having evening coffee or tea. Bollywood lovers would enjoy knowing about some famous bollywood movies.

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