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Books are not only your loyal friends but the best travel partners also. They let you travel without moving your feet. Give wings to your imagination and help you to know things beyond your existing knowledge.

They have the power to take you to alien planets, to different time zones, even introducing to different astral bodies and many more awestruck facts of this universe.

When I was about to lose myself, after repeated failed attempts for achieving motherhood, books were my savior.

There were two books in particular, that changed my way of thinking as well as living life.

1. Autobiography of a Yogi

2. The Power of your Subconscious Mind

At times you should completely introduce yourself to new and unknown things, though I always loved reading but had left that habit while hustling around the hospitals. I always had a spiritual bent of mind . Don’t know whether it was conspired by Cosmos or sheer coincidence that I stumbled on this book while visiting my uncle’s place for vacation.

1.”Autobiography of a yogi” by Swami Yogananda. This book was there in my bucket list for reading, for quite sometime and I grabbed it, the moment I saw. This book has got some divine spark the moment you start reading it, you find yourself close to your higher self or higher power. Materialistic things start appearing irrelevant. The book acts as a sponge absorbing all your pain, soothing your battered body, mind and soul all in one go. You can feel the calmness within yourself.

This book worked as a balm for me, soothing all my sore wounds and revitalised me with fresh breath of energy . Redirecting my life towards positivity . I felt as if I blossomed back. Took up  meditation and yoga that further aligned my body and mind with more positive energy, this book was the inspiration behind.

The next book that came to my rescue was “The power of your subconscious mind”.

2. The Power of your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy this book is like a magic wand, it tells you and shows you how you have the power to change your own destiny. Achieve whatever you strongly believe in. The law of your mind is the law of belief. The belief of your mind is the thought of your mind, just that and nothing else.

It tells you to stop accepting false beliefs, opinions, superstitions, and fears that plague our humankind. And begin to believe in the eternal verities and truth of life that never change. At that point we will move onward, upward and God ward. Thought is incipient action. The reaction is the response from your subconscious mind that corresponds to the nature of your thought.

It teaches you to fill your mind with positive thoughts of harmony, health, peace and goodwill, and wonders will happen in your life.

After reading this book I realised the importance of why positive thinking should be your mantra. Basically, what’s the science behind it and how it will help you achieve whatever you desire strong.

My success of achieving motherhood with not just one but two sparkling stars was not a miracle but the result of positive thinking. I sowed the seed of positivity in my subconcious mind that I am good to deliver babies and I will be mother one day. With positive thinking, positive coincidence started happening as if someone has already fixed the sequence of events.

It all started with my  husband getting sick and we went to a doctor nearby not aware that he was one of the best medicine specialist of Kolkata. Just for precautionary measures dostor told us to keep kids away from him as he might be suffering from infection.

We told that we don’t have any and he concluded his diagnosis by prescribing few blood tests to be carried out.

Now, when we went to show the reports which were Ok as per his knowledge. He questioned us back whether there is any particular reason for me not to conceive. I was little surprised seeing his concern and quickly reverted back that I have shown to several doctors but nothing worked. He gave us a number and told that this doctor is a genius and known for his work , recently has come back from London with years  of practice out there. Conveyed his best wishes and told to seek medical advice from him.

Things started falling in place after meeting the doctor with his super specialist advice. At last my distant dream was a reality in flesh and blood growing in my womb.

Key to success is first start Believing in yourself and second is Positive thinking. You have to unleash the power within you to achieve whatever you desire most.if I could change my destiny then definitely you can. I request all my readers to give a read to these amazing books who are going through a rough patch in life. It will redirect your life towards positivity. Moreover, these books are the Top 10 best Non-fiction books of the world.

So, give a read and wings to your imagination. As “Man is the maker of his own destiny” .

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