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Can Art Heal Mental Health problems? Know how

Can art heal mental health problems? Know how
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Can art heal mental health problems? know how
Art and Mental Health

I was crowned as a twin mom after a decade long wait, no doubt I was over the moon. I felt blessed, lucky and proud mom of a healthy boy and a girl. Days passed by and I didn’t feel the brunt until a year. For a year I had never stepped out or had 5 mins for myself, it was then I started feeling empty, a void that slowly had started engulfing me. I knew I had to engage myself positively which would give me a sense of pride and contentment. Coming from an artist family helped me to instantly pick my brushes and canvas back into action which was lying idle in the closet. Every day I spent around half an hour and that uplifted my spirits in a great way. A rejuvenation that was badly needed for me as a primary caregiver for my infants. Can art heal mental health problems? Know how does science proves this with research and facts.

Art can help you experience different kind of happiness.

Art came to me as a fresh breath of air to take away all my mental fatigue. I was breathing back with a different kind of happiness that was there within. Endless sleepless nights can make anyone go crazy but art came to my rescue. Whenever and whatever little did I created, I felt happy and it always brought a smile to my face.

My Creations
My creation during post-partum period

For me, “Art is a creative outlet or opportunity for expression.” The benefits are numerous but don’t take my word for it. Cutting-edge research compels you to believe that art has a positive impact on mental health.

Several Health benefits of Art on Mental Health


Neuroesthetics uses brain imaging, brain wave technology and biofeedback to gather evidence of how we respond to art. And in one of the research, it was found by using biofeedback that how visual art affects neural circuits and neuroendocrine markers.

In another study, researchers found that creating art reduces cortisol levels (markers for stress ), and through art, people can induce positive mental states.

Neuroesthetics is the scientific study of the neurobiological basis of the arts.

2. Mindfulness and Flow

These days we hear a lot about mindfulness, mindfulness parenting, mindfulness living etc. What is mindfulness? Well, mindfulness is being aware and conscious of your thoughts and state of mind without judgement. Now, what role does art has in mindfulness? Visual art engagement has been found to activate various centres of the brain other than those taxed by linear and logical thinking. Another study found that visual art activated distinct and specialized visual areas of the brain.

In a nutshell, art helps in creating conditions for mindfulness by accessing and engaging different parts of the brain through the conscious shifting of mental spaces.

Research shows that art can be used to create a unique cognitive shift into a holistic state of mind known as flow. Flow is a state of mind which was first identified in artists, that is pleasurable and neurochemically rewarding.

3.For Managing Well Being

Art therapy which applies to art-based techniques ( like painting, dancing, and role play) has evidence-based interventions for mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

In other words, practising art can be used to manage one’s mental and emotional well being.

4.Benefits In Education

Despite increasing evidence, on the measurable benefits of the arts in education, such as increased academic performance and the development of innovative thinking. The subject of arts continues to be marginalized.

What should you avoid while creating art ?

  • Don’t worry about judgements – Most of the time we restrict ourselves from thinking about what others will say. Art is the outcome of the flow of thoughts that are unique to every person. Let it flow freely it’s your creation and solely reflects your perception.
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes – Art should be free-flowing, express yourself without any inhibitions.
  • Limit language usage while creating art – Try not to talk while you are making art, and if you are listening to music, choose something without lyrics. Visual art centres and speech centres are different in the brain. By indulging in any art form you give rest to the overworked areas of the brain. In return, the brain releases happy hormones that makes you calm and happy, that’s how the brain thanks you.

Art is a free flow of thoughts that is expressed visually (painting, sketching etc) or by performing like dancing, singing, theatre etc. Art in any form helps to activate various brain centres and in return brain releases happy hormones that makes one feel contended .

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48 thoughts on “Can Art Heal Mental Health problems? Know how

  1. I agree a hundred percent. I wasn’t aware of the technical bit and your post is really informative. I loved the fact that you also shared what one should avoid. It should be free flowing.

    1. Art should be free flowing and that’s the reason it renders calmness. Boundaries restrict our emotions and flow of thoughts.

  2. I feel Mindfulness is a beautiful art and meditation also is promising to heal mental health, oflate I have started writing a journal and jotting my experiences, memories, challenges and reflecting upon to see how my mental health might be impacted and what I need to do helping me handle things for now…

    1. Thanks and i am glad that you found it useful. It helped me a lot during my infertility struggle years as well as postpartum period.

    1. I am sorry to hear your father-in -law’s demise but that’s life. I am glad that your husband took the help of art to cope it.

  3. Yes I too strongly believe art can uplift you from any kind of lows. The activities we did, try hands in new learning, digging deeper to find hidden talent of ours are the proof of art’s magical powers.

    1. Art definitely soothes your nerves and now its backed by science too with concrete proofs.

  4. Wow that’s your art while coping with post partum issues. I was such a wreck at that point in time, books saved me and later I regained the strength to paint but keeping the palette away from my little one was so difficult…I think finally we created some really crazy masterpieces together. Surely, art in any form is the biggest saviour. I am glad you wrote this post.

    1. Ya, art especially painting helped me a lot to regain my sanity back. Handling twins without extended family for the first year is aherculean task.

  5. I have read about art being very therapeutic and helping with healing the mind. Reading your wonderfully detailed post just confirms what I read.

  6. While I always felt that I am not good at art, because of my childhood experiences with the manner in which art was introduced at my school, I remember I took to doodling and that helped.

  7. Personally art has helped me a lot with my mental health in extremely low periods. Learn a new word neuroesthetics from your post. It was nice hearing about your recovery experience qith the help of art.

  8. I can understand how you felt, Debi. Its difficult with one kid and then you had twins. I am glad that art made you feel better. The mind is creative and the flow removes all the stress. Thank you for your kind words. Nothing can ever lessen my grief. But then life just has to go on.

    1. I really salute your spirits and your commitment in whatever you do. True, life has to move on. Hugs and love to you Harjeet.

  9. Wow Debi, the lotus painting is very beautiful. Recently I started coloring and water color painting, these activities relaxes me in few mins. Good to know more forms and benefits of art through your post.

    1. Thanks, Sonal. I was not able to share my other canvas paintings in my blog. But art gives you a calmness that no other activity does.

  10. A very informative and well-researched article. Thank you for throwing light on the connection between art and mental health! #MyFriendAlexa #TinasPicks

  11. Art really is therapeutic. I loved that you added the last paragraph on how we should not worry about judgement and letting ourselves make mistakes.

    1. Thanks, Leha. Glad that you liked it. I always feel that every creation is just like your child its born from you and should be protected from all judgements.

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