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Is Biological Clock of a Woman ticking?

Before delving deep into this topic and establishing it’s relationship with the fertility of a woman. It’s important to know, What is Biological Clock? What is Biological Clock? Well, the term Biological Clock evolved way back in 1970’s. It is the progression from puberty to menopause during which a woman can bear a child. “Biological Clock” evolved when lot was…

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Is IVF a boon or gimmick in reality?

The statistic of Infertility in the world is jaw dropping. It’s around 8- 12 percent worldwide. Approximately, one in eight woman faces infertility during her reproductive age. The Infertility clinics these days are mushrooming and has given a ray of hope to thousands of infertile couple who struggle to attain parenthood. Several think that doctors pushes their patients to adopt…

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