The Neuroscience Behind Making Math Fun For Your Kids : Wonder Math Approach
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The Neuroscience Behind Making Math Fun For Your Kids: A Wondermath Approach

Mathematics has long been viewed with mixed feelings – awe at its universality and logic, and dread because of its perceived complexity. Transforming this perception, especially for children, is both an art and a science. The neuroscience behind this transformation is both fascinating and enlightening. The Power Of Storytelling and the Human Brain Since the dawn of civilization, stories have…

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How To monitor your Child's Digital Wellbeing for a Healthier Lifestyle?
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How to Monitor Your Child’s Digital Wellbeing for a Healthier Lifestyle?

In a technology-driven society, the digital world is a living reality. The pandemic pushed us further into this digital world. Not only adults but it has become a reality even for our kids. For two academic years, schools imparted education through online classes. I can’t thank technology enough for that. Moreover, Instagram and other social media platforms have given new…

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4 Easy Paper Diya for kids this diwali
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4 Easy Paper Diya For Kids This Diwali

Kids are always fascinated by the festival of lights, Diwali. One can say diyas and Diwali are almost synonyms to each other. This festival is all about delicacies, diyas, rangolis and decorating our cosy corners of the house. One of the most awaited festival in our house, diwali. As my kids are preschoolers and they don’t get chance to lit…

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5 easy Father's day cards for kids

5 Easy Father’s Day Cards for Kids

Do dads get pampered like moms on mother’s day?? Well, the idea of celebrating father’s day is slowly catching up in India too. And there is nothing wrong with it. Dads are equally involved as moms in raising kids these days. Father’s day is around the corner. Is your little one is too young to make or buy a gift…

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Travelling to hills with infants
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Travelling to hills with infants is not always thrilling

Image Courtesy : The image belongs to and is strictly prohibited for reuse. First of anything is always special and leaves a distinct mark behind.Travelling to hills with infants is not always thrilling but one thing that it renders is life lesson.Our first experience to hills with our infants or I would rather say our bundle of joy was…

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Have You Heard of Birthday Special Pancake?

The moment we talk about birthday celebration, the first thing that pops up in our mind is Birthday Cake. But, birthday cake is more westernized concept that we Asians have adopted in recent past. There are few states and countries who celebrate it in their own indigenous style. To mention a few, Chinese celebrate it with the longevity noodles, wishing…

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