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Chanting Gayatri Mantra can make your child Super Intelligent and Conscious.

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It’s an inherent desire of every parent to see their child prosper in future, emerging as a super intelligent and conscious human being.So, here is a simple yet powerful way to achieve . Now, this trick is being scientifically proved in the most prestigious Institute of Medical Science of India, AIIMS. The research work was carried out for the last 20 years.

Before going deep into what Gayatri Mantra means and unravel it’s magical benefits. It’s important to know the meaning of Mantra first.

Mantra is a sacred utterance, a numnious sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in sanskrit believed by practitioners to have psychological and /or spiritual powers.

The earliest mantras were composed in Vedic sanskrit in India, and are at least 3000 years old. Mantras now exist in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. In Japanese Shingon tradition, the word Shingon means mantra.Similar hymns, antiphons, chants, composition and concepts are found in Zoroastrianism, Taoism, Christiniaty and elsewhere.

What is Gayatri Mantra?

In English:

” Aum

Bhur Bhuvah Svah

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat”

The Gayatri Mantra is a universal prayer enriched in the Vedas. It is also known as Savitri Mantra, which is addressed to the Immanent and Transcendent Divine which has been given the name ” Savita”, meaning that from which all this born.

It was discovered by Sage Viswamitra through years of severe penance and meditation. It first appeared in the Rig Vedas, some 3000 years ago.The Gayatri Mantra not only calms the mind but fills our life with joy and happiness. In brief the mantra means:

O thou existence Absolute ,Creator of the three dimensions, we contemplate upon thy divine light. May He stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true knowledge.

How to chant Gayatri Mantra?

This mantra should be chanted with closed eyes and with full devotion. Usually 12 ,24 or 108 times one can chant. The preferred time for chanting is before noon that is in the morning or in Sandhya Kaal (one hour after sunset).

Research on Gayatri Mantra at AIIMS: (Conduct of Research and Results)

AIIMS has recently confirmed it through the research of the brain activation by MRI, that on chanting Gayatri Mantra over a period of time it expands Prefrontal cortex of the brain. It was conducted on men of 25 -30 years for a period of 9 months and after that, data was studied for 5 years. It was observed that there are remarkable changes in the brain especially in prefrontal cortex of the brain. The work of this part is to make plan, solve problems and to be aware.

Those who were reciting the mantras were releasing a chemical called GABA , lack of this chemical causes sleep deprivation and depression like diseases.

Right age to teach your child

It can be taught as early as 3 years so that they are well versed by the age of 7 years . It helps a child in decision making and rational thinking which lays the foundation of a bright future.

Benefits of Gayatri Mantra

  • Calms the Mind – The chant of the mantra starts with “OM”. The enunciation of this sound sends vibration through lips, tongue , palate, back of the throat and skull that helps in releasing relaxing hormones in brain.
  • Increases Concentration and Learning – A study published in the International Journal of Yoga(2) found that whoever chants this mantra has better concentration and memory. This is because Gayatri Mantra helps in activating first three chakras that are present on face and head – namely the third eye, throat and crown chakras. The vibrations of the chant activates the glands that are located in these chakras to release chemicals that helps in concentration and memory. The Pituitary gland ( third eye Chakra), Penial gland ( crown Chakra) and the Thyroid gland (throat Chakra).
  • Strengthens mind and keep depression at bay– According to a study published in the International Journal of Yoga, this mantra chant helps in stimulating Vagus nerve which is commonly used for the treatment for depression and epilepsy. This mantra also activates Penial gland to release endorphins and other happy hormones keeping depression at bay.
  • Keep your Heart healthy and improves in working of nerves – The chant of this mantra slows down the breathing which helps in regularizing and synchronizing heart beats. It also helps in release of neuro transmitters in the brain that help in the conduction of impulses.

The benefits are several more and we can gift this to our next generation, helping to build a more conscious, prosperous society for the benefit of the mankind.

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43 thoughts on “Chanting Gayatri Mantra can make your child Super Intelligent and Conscious.

  1. Beautiful post…I have chanted the Gayatri Mantra for both my kids ….during pregnancy and afterwards also…the effects are magical. Brilliant post! Keep writing such informative posts. #MyFriendAlexa #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

  2. I never knew this fact about Gayatri Mantra, though Om chant I do always but Gayatri Mantra. I am going to do this in my daily lives and start teaching my kids too, though my both kids chant this mantra in their school daily

  3. Gayatri Mantra was the first religious verse that my grandmother had taught me as a kid. It still keeps me calm whenever I am stressed.

  4. This is very insightful Debidutta. My son who is just under 3 knows Gayatri Mantra but I’ll make a point to make him recite at the above mentioned timings. Thanks for sharing. #MyFriendAlexa #CloudandSunshineReads

  5. My parents taught me Gayatri Mantra at the age of 5, and daily before going to the bed at night, me and my sister used to count this 5 times. Believe me, i never used to get bad dreams.

    And same I taught this to my kids at their age of 3 and 4 πŸ™‚ Gayatri Mantra has got a lot of power in it.

    1. Conclusion is already out by AIIMS couple of months back and it was all over the media. They concluded that this mantra develops prefrontal cortex of the brain and releases various neurotransmitters and chemicals that activates brain in positive way.

    1. Though I was aware that it’s a powerfull mantra but never knew it has the power to change our lives . Our mind is the key to everything and this mantra knows how to unlock it.

  6. I can’t value the chanting enough! Its an indispensable part of my life , specially Gayatri Mantra! And your blog extended its efficacy & value for a child right from the Womb. Great topic and detailed blog.

    1. Thanks Vashi. Though I was well aware of mantra’s effect on human mind and the environment .I was ignorant about so many benefits until I wrote this post. In fact I have started chanting this mantra for specific number of times ,after publishing this piece.

  7. Beautiful post. I recite it to my daughter even when i was pregnant with her. The mantra gives me strength and i remember chanting it non stop during my c section. Loved this post. #arushireads #alexanonstop

  8. Super informative post with great research, some of the fact were new to me about power of Gayatri mantra., I will surly start regular chanting of this mantra to my girls. #Alexanonstop

  9. that’s a superb piece – a well researched post, nicely explaining the benefits of perhaps one of the most powerful mantras ever. was so informative to know how Gayatri Mantra could impact our physical and mental health

    1. Hey, Vartika I am glad that you liked it. Tried sharing the scientific aspects of the power of this mantra.

  10. Your post has remined me my mother’s advice. since childhood, my mother always put a strong emphasis on chanting Gaytri mantra and even gyatri chalisa. yes they both has excellent benefits. thanks for sharing scientific aspects of these debi.

  11. My grandfather taught me the Gayatri Mantra when I was just 2 years old and there is no denying on the effects of the mantra. It is the strongest Mantra and every child should learn it. We even had to recite it at school prayers.

  12. Yes I totally agree Gayatri mantra has lots of benefits and when practised from an early age t has lots of benefits. Even both my kids have been chanting it from young age.

  13. This is one of my favorite mantras. The sheer power and beauty can be felt even with chanting it 12 times.
    It is wonderful that you are sharing this information with everyone in such a well written article.

  14. Thanks dor the detailed post on this enchanting and divine mantra.
    Wasn’t aware of several of its benefits like it’s influence on the pituitary and thyroid glands.
    Will seriously chant this now.

    1. Thanks Radhika for liking the post . Even i was not aware earlier in details though I knew it helps in several ways.

  15. In the race of westernization we tend to forget our own culture. However, I have imbibed culture and religion to an extent in my kids, your post really helped me to stand by it. Wonderful.

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