Choose kid-friendly Airlines to make your long-haul flights enjoyable

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Happy kid is happy “You”

Christmas as well as New Year is around the corner and it’s the favourite time of the year that everyone waits for. The word that rings in everybody’s mind is “vacation” and travelling is an indispensable part of it.

Travelling for vacation is fun but with twin toddlers it’s challenging. But we did not want to miss all the fun because of kids as it was our first long vacation after having them.

We had planned this vacation meticulously so that things fall in place and there is no chaos.Three weeks back I received a pleasant surprise that we all are going for a 10 day trip to Singapore and then to our beach destination Phuket.

I was over the moon as this was our maiden International trip moreover a vacation was pending for quite some time now.

Just two weeks in hand for all the adrenaline rush. Hurry!! I said to myself. Before I started to pack I discussed with my hubby for a kid friendly airline to make our trip enjoyable and not taxable. Handling twin toddlers on long-haul flights is quite a daunting task.

So here’s a sneak peak of what International Airlines can offer you.

1. Kid-friendly food –

Food is essential as kids become cranky when not properly fed so better to avoid it . Several airlines are providing kid-friendly meals including our own Indigo Airlines which not only provide kid’s favourite meal but also have an attractive packaging . Puzzles and colourful drawings on the meal packet make little eaters inquisitive and happy. Lufthansa too is well known for the meals specially curated for kids. Virgin Atlantic and Emirates too join the list when it comes to food.

2. Sky Nannies –

Yes, you heard me right. Though this service is exclusively provided by only Gulf Air and Etihad. You can relax while your children are taken good care by the nannies. They do puzzles, offer snacks during movies, help you to set up bassinets if you are travelling with infants and serve children their meals.

What else one needs while travel.It will pinch your pocket bit but it’s worth for being hassle free.

3.Bassinets –

If you are traveling with an infant then the airline staff helps you set up bassinets and this service is provided by most of the Airlines like Emirates, Lufthansa, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic.

4. Baby items as complimentary

Many airlines also provide baby items like Baby food, diapers, baby bottles and changing facilities. You don’t have to carry them during your travel. Moreover, it’s a great help if you have forgotten to carry them .

5. Entertainment for kids –

If you have got super active kids and want to keep your child engaged then Emirates and Virgin Atlantic have lot to offer to keep them busy throughout.

Emirates has onboard entertainment system, ICE, which has hundreds of channels with new release of family movies, Disney classics, musicals, audio stories and interactive games, basically enough engagement for your child to be busy throughout.

Apart from that children are given specially designed kiddy-size headsets in bright colours and backpack having colouring pencils, Dr.Seuss books, an Emirates’ kid magazine, games and also a stuffed animal called a Querk.

Virgin Atlantis is another favourite airlines among kids when it comes to food, movies and TV shows(even Peppa pig).

They have an array of kid’s menu that even picky eaters can’t avoid. Ice creams, Jam sandwiches, fresh fruits and dinosaur pasta are few to mention as the option for younger kids. Pureed and bottled foods are also available for kids under 1 year.

Get your family holiday off to perfect start with a stress-free flight by choosing a kid-friendly airline that suffices all your need.

Fasten your seat belt and be ready to have a wonderful vacation with your loved ones. Stress-free long haul flights will give you the right kick start for your vacation mood.


This is not a sponsored post. The article is based on my personal experience and the information available at airlines websites.

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  1. It’s a big task to travel with kids on flights,specially if it’s a long journey.Points you have highlighted is surely gonna help parents travelling with kids as it’s also holiday time.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  2. Travelling with babies in a flight can be truly cumbersome. Glad that you gave such easy and specific pointers on making it enjoyable.

  3. I didn’t knew about sky nannies, Emirates and gulf airlines are truly luxurious in that sense. It’s important to choose kids friendly airlines more so in long distance ones.

  4. Aah, this is really helpful. I have never had guts to take my kids on an international trip yet as it is scary as to how the flight experience might turn out to be. These points will definitely help me plan better.

  5. Yes I agree travelling with kids is a daunting task and I had also faced some issues when my girls were young. selecting kids friendly airlines is really a good idea to reduce your travel stress and enjoy more. merry christmas and happy holidays.

  6. This post is so informative to a parent like me who travel a lot with my daughter. I often feel the need of many things in-flight and good to know which are the airlines that provide such facilities.

  7. that’s a very thoughtful post and i am sure your post is a boon for many parents 🙂
    the pointers researched by you are quite apt and can help anyone decide on their preference for a suitable kid-friendly airlines.

  8. What a wonderful thing it is to have a sky nanny!! It is a useful concept for overtired moms with more than one child surely…Great post for young moms – have child will travel!!

  9. Wow!! Loved this post!! Airlines make a lot of difference when traveling with kids. I will keep this in mind when booking the next trip!! Thanks for sharing

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