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Deyga :The Ultimate Destination for Skincare routine

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Deyga, the ultimate destination for skincare.

Off lately, I realised that my skin was looking dull and lusterless. Dull skin is just another name for tanned, tired and pale looking skin lacking hydration and glow. My hunt began for something pure and organic skincare product that could help revive my skin. Did I mention ? I have a very dry skin and lack of hydration makes it look further dull.

During that hunt I was approached by Deyga team for a collaboration. The team had asked to visit their website and give an honest review on their products.

I usually don’t vouch or endorse for skincare products in my blog. But when Deyga Team approached for an honest review, I thought let me collaborate with them. I took this decision for two reasons .The first reason was its clutter-free website . Second, was the way the team had approached for collaboration. They asked to use the products first for a month and then share an honest review.

I was impressed with their approach and that showed how confident were they about their products. Team Deyga was not in a rush to post the review and that helped me to collaborate with them.

The products I received for the review were:

*Multi Flower (Glow Mask)

*Rose Water (Facial Toner)

Though I did not ask them to offer anything that helped rejuvenate dull skin but I was lucky enough to receive products that served the purpose. What more could I ask for?

Multi Flower ( Face Mask)

Deyga, multi flower mask with all goodness of flowers
Multi Flower Mask

Description of the product

It has the goodness of four flowers mainly Rose, Lotus, Hibiscus and Lavender along with the vegetable glycerin, guar gum and natural preservatives. Its bit sticky and does not have an appealing look to apply on your face. But then I guess face mask with numerous goodness can be excused for its appearance. The aroma of rose is prominent and the sweet fragrance of this face mask would make you fall in love with this product. Its renders a sense of freshness.

My Experience

The sweet fragrance of this face mask always allured me and I tried overlooking the way it appeared. I could feel and see how my face looked after 30 mins of applying it. The dullness vanishes leaving your skin fresh and squeaky clean. I started using the face mask as a morning routine for my face. In a week’s time, could see fine lines of wrinkles disappearing leaving my skin more youthful, glowing and healthy . It was a beautiful transition from dull to well hydrated skin. This experience made me realize that truly, Deyga is the ultimate destination for skincare routine.

Rose Water (Facial Toner)

Deyga, the rose water as facial toner
Rose water (Facial toner)

Face toner is a secret skincare weapon, I came to know only after using it. The toner I received was rose water. With usage I came to know that it removes even last traces of dirt, grime and impurities stuck in your pores after you wash your face. My skin had also started aging but with the usage of this toner daily, it appeared smooth and I could feel the tightness of the skin.

Final Conclusion

I was highly satisfied with both the products that I received and this brand walked the talk. I also realized one thing while using Deyga’s product that the shelf-life was only for 6 months unlike other organic brands that have shelf-life for a year or more. More shelf -life means chemicals or more preservatives. In true sense this brand is pure, organic and hand-crafted.Truly, Deyga, is the ultimate destination for skincare routine.

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