Embrace the goodness of Nutrition and Purity: Saffola FITTIFY Products

Embrace the goodness of nutrition and purity : Saffola FITTIFY Products
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With a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle, health should be the priority but in reality, it’s the most neglected part of our lives. We can’t deny the health benefits of daily exercise, but we always look for shortcuts and easy ways to be healthy without doing much. Well, then the best way is to regulate our diet and have healthy options. Last month, I tried Saffola Fittify Products for my weight-loss goals and was more than happy with the results.

The products that I tried were Aura Vigin Olive Oil and Hi-Protein Meal Replacement Shake.

Why do I suggest you embrace Saffola Fittify products for your weight-loss journey?

FITTIFY Hi-Protein Meal Replacement Shake

Saffola FITTIFY Meal Replacement Shake is a healthy and delicious shake scientifically formulated by nutritionists combining the best of both worlds, taste, and health. It is carefully crafted by nutritionists and curated by celebrity Chef Kunal Kapoor. The shake is made of casein protein and whey to support lean muscle building. It also contains dietary fibers, 26 vitamins and minerals, and 5 superfoods like quinoa, Moringa, Amarnath, Chia seeds & Turmeric to help manage weight effectively for a slimmer fitter life.

The best thing about this shake is that it comes in various flavors like cappuccino, Alphonso mango, Swiss Chocolate, Cookies, and Cream & Pistachio Almond.

The health benefits that I received from the Saffola Hi-Protein Meal replacement shake

  1. 70% less Calorie intake than a meal – When replaced with one regular meal, you consume up to 70% fewer calories than an average Indian meal with 50% daily vitamin nutrition as per the recommended daily allowance (RDA).
  2. Helps to lose up to 4kg in 2 months
  3. Comes with 5 Plant-based Superfoods with 26 Essential Vitamins and Minerals.

Aura Virgin Olive Oil

We all are well aware of the health benefits that olive oil has to offer, making it a great option for a nutritious diet. It is loaded with heart-healthy fats and antioxidants. I had tried Aura Virgin oil for making salads and my meals and I could feel the difference in a month’s time.

Saffola FITTIFY Products is a trusted name and is a health and wellness brand that has curated fitness products just for you. Try out these products and boost your health and fitness.

Reach your weight-loss as well as fitness goals faster and in an efficient way through Saffola FITTIFY products.

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12 thoughts on “Embrace the goodness of Nutrition and Purity: Saffola FITTIFY Products

  1. Thats good to know that you found what you were looking for and it worked great for you. I am more inclined towards exercising everyday. But for those who have other limitations, this is a good option.

  2. Though concept of meal replacement seems little tricky. but I am sure being a reputed brand saffola has bought something great for their consumers. thanks dear for sharing your honest review about Saffola FITTIFY Meal Replacement Shake with us.

  3. I have always used Saffola. I think it is one of the best kitchen brands i know of. But the products you shared are new for me, Debi. Thanks for sharing them. I will look them up.

  4. I have tried their products too, found their peanut butter pretty good. It is always good to lead a healthy lifestyle with clean eating and nutritious food.

    1. Oh!! That’s nice to know. I was looking out for a good brand for peanut butter will check out.

  5. I’ve really heard a lot about the meal replacement shakes and in fact tried one for a couple of months. But I now want to try the oil and see how it helps. Thanks for sharing this

  6. The product of this brand is really good and I can say that after using it and noticing the difference in my health

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