Food Art Entices Fussy Eater

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Christmas tree with Snow man

Toddler phase and fussiness in kids goes hand in hand.Almost half of the toddlers refuse their meal and shows least interest what’s being offered.

But before trying to dig out solutions for our fussy eaters; as a parent we must understand the reason for being fussy.

Fussy Eating Facts

These facts can help you understand why children sometimes fuss about their food:

  • Children’s appetites are affected by their growth cycles. At 1-6 years, it’s common for children to be really hungry one day and picky the next.
  • Children have different taste preferences from grown-ups mainly because of number of taste buds they have.
  • Kids are born with 10,000 taste buds as compared to adults who have around 5000 taste buds. The taste bud dies when we grow up. This pretty explains the science behind their fussy nature which gradually settles down when they grow.
  • Life is too exciting for children sometimes, and they’re too busy exploring the world around them to spend time eating.
  • Children learn by testing the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. They can be very strong willed when it comes to making decisions about food (to eat or not to eat, and what to eat). It’s all part of their social, intellectual and emotional development.

As a parent, we should not chide, punish or bribe a child to finish his plate.Then what’s best for a child??

The answer is to offer an attractive palate which allures him to take his grab all by himself.

As a mother I try following 4 basic mantras before offering meals to my kiddos

• Colorful and Vibrant platter

• Attractive shapes

• Small size

• Creative characters through food

Motherhood comes up with myriad roles. At times I don creative caps just to appease my little ones. It’s not possible to create food art on daily basis but whenever I find them very fussy about their meals, I try to bring back the interest through food art.

I am sharing few of my food art that are being created from staple Indian food that as a parent we would love to see them having it.

Dove made from plain white rice along with pure ghee and dash of lemon juice.

Next food art is my son’s favourite toy and is made from plain paratha with jam and jaggery powder.

Paratha clubbed with Jam and Jaggery powder

Next food art was my attempt to introduce egg omelette to my fussy son. A boat sailing on a bright sunny day.

Sailing boat on a sunny day

Few food arts were made just to add little zing to the occasion.

Chocolate Cookies decked up for Halloween

On Rakshabandhan day I surprised both my twinnies with a rakhi made out of coloured cottage cheese blended with sugar. It was a homemade Sandesh (Bengali sweet dish). As this year independence day too was also celebrated I clubbed the food art with a dove and slogan “Jai Hind”.

Sandesh as Rakhi

The last food art that bid goodbye to passing year was a Christmas tree made out of Spinach Dosa along with idli as Snow Man and chocolate bar as tree trunk.

Christmas tree with Snow Man

Through food art, one can add pinch of fun through vibrant and colourful food items. Helping both mother and child not only to bond but also balance the nutrient intake of kids.

Try making food art by churning out your creative juice. Finishing meals would no more be a boring odyssey.

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33 thoughts on “Food Art Entices Fussy Eater

  1. Wow that’s very creative. Luckily I did not have to try this method till date but I’m curious to check if my kids will also eat the fascinating creative foodstuff. Will try.

    1. Thanks a lot dear. Hope my humble design would generate interest in your kids to have their meal.

  2. Omg! The ideas are awesome and food pics are too tempting. My daughter is a fussy eater I will try these shapes of serving food with her. I hope she will like and start eating greens too.

    1. Yes, this trick worked well with my son. At least they take their food and willingly put in their mouth. No doesn’t comes just at the sight of the meal.

  3. We all know most of the kids are fussy eaters and parents have to try so many different methods to make them eat.This food art is so creative and will attract kids for sure.A great advice for parents with newborns and the expecting ones.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  4. These are such lovely and creative ways to serve food. I have dealt with a fussy eater for two years. None the creativity I did worked at that time. I made him do a few things and thats how he grew interest in food.

  5. its super amazing and your post has reminded me those days when my girls were young. these are super awesome ideas and I am sure all kids will love it.

  6. Oh my! I’m a reasonably good cook but when it comes to presentation I’m not that gifted. Your creative food art is just too good! Your kids must be very happy.

  7. Omg i am stunned by the impressive food art here. I sometimes try to make such cute stuffs and it really works

  8. Hey thanks for explaining the science behind the good fussiness of little kids buddy, I did not know that they have double the number

    1. Yes and that’s one of the biggest reason little salty or spicy is too much for them . Hence, most of the kids prefer bland food.

  9. What a lovely food art! You are right this works with fussy eaters. I have two at home too. Sometimes we just lack patience or time to try anything new or fun this way with them but if we do, it will surely make everyday meals exciting for them.

  10. This is wonderful, a well plated food is pleasing to eyes. I am sure kids would definitely love to try these if plated this beautifully. Thank you for sharing this, I think, I am going to try the simple food art too 🙂

  11. Very useful post, with brilliant sense of creativity, fussy eating is the major problem with my kiddos too, surely going to give a try all creative things.

  12. Superb food art for the kiddos Debidutta…all the best to you on your journey of motherhood.I am a grandmother now and I love to create such stuff for my grand kids. Puris in different shapes or popsicles of all colours.

  13. loved you creative post and the way you have brought forth the point that there’s both art and science behind luring the fussy eater kids to eat 🙂

  14. Wow, those are very creative ideas and I am sure a great way to make them interested in food. I will for sure try these with my fussy 3 year old. 🙂

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