Home Remedies for all Common Baby rashes in Summer.

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India being a tropical country, Summers are not that pleasant and at times bad because of heat waves . Humidity further adds up to summer woes. With excessive heat babies skin being most sensitive commonly develops rashes.

Usually these rashes are harmless and usually disappears by adopting simple home remedies in few days time.

Causes of skin rashes are:

  • Hot and Humid climate
  • Excessive Sun exposure
  • Less breathable or scratchy clothes that don’t fit in.

Common Baby rashes in summer



A common occurrence in babies due to prolong diaper use allowing no ventilation. It’s also known as Nappy rash that causes skin irritation around nappy area.

Basically a patch work of inflamed , bright red skin on buttocks .


  • Prolong exposure to wee or poo
  • Fungal or bacterial infection


  • Skinrash
  • Redness
  • Itchiness around anus and nappy area


  • Keep nappy area dry by changing diapers frequently or allow the nappy area get some air by not using diapers for sometime.
  • You can apply some barriers like nappy rash cream of any good brand , my personal favourite is Sebamed nappy rash cream.
  • Or can apply organic virgin coconut oil, prefer homemade.


Commonly known as prickly heat or summer rash causing little red bumps or blisters on skin.Its common occurrence when babies gets overheated.Usually occurring around neck , back, underarms mostly in less ventilated area.Basically a skin condition caused by blocked sweat glands and trapped sweat beneath the skin.Nothing to panic as they are harmless and usually disappears on application of simple home remedies.


  • Wrapping babies with too many clothes
  • Overheating in babies
  • Immature sweat glands


  • Tiny red bumps or blisters around neck, back, stomach, crotch, folds of skin


  • Use Breathable clothes

Babies should be worn loose , light coloured , cotton dress so that air can pass and baby body is cooled off.

  • Keep baby indoor and well hydrated

Keep babies indoor as exposure to sun on scorching sun can overheat their body .Keep them well hydrated by providing breast milk or formula milk . Well Hydrated babies don’t get overheated easily.

  • Use Air Condition

If necessary use air condition , to keep the room temperature at your comfort.

For infants maintain 26°C which is apt for them further lowering can cause common cold , which you would like to avoid by all means.For toddlers 24°C is pleasant and comfortable.

  • Pay attention to folds of skin

Areas like neck , crotch , back and other parts that tends to get moist easily where folds of skin can trap sweat. Wash those areas with cool water and keep them dry as far as possible.

  • Don’t use Baby powders

Babies can get irritated by tiny particles of powder , causing breathing problems and irritation in baby’s lungs.Moreover, it blocks the pores of skin making skin further warmer.

  • Use turmeric paste

If your little one is being troubled by these tiny red bumps then dry turmeric powder paste works wonder .Take dry powder and little water and apply on affected areas .Allow the paste to dry and then after an hour wash your baby .

  • Use cucumber

Cucumber also gives lot of cooling effect you can use thin slices or grated cucumber on affected parts .

  • Use Neem leaves paste

Neem has the ability to treat several skin ailments , widely known for its medicinal properties. Prickly heat are also treated by applying neem leaves paste.

  • Use Sandalwood paste

Sandalwood are mostly available in India, expensive though but are popular for their cooling effect and fragrance. In Summer sandalwood paste works wonder for heat rashes and prevents greatly from overheating in babies.

  • Use Aloe vera

Aloe Vera gel can be directly extracted from its leaves . These days it has become a popular indoor plant for medicinal as well as various other reasons.Apply gel on affected area it brings lot of relief.


Summers means more outdoor activity but also best time for breeding of mosquitoes and several other insects.Usually mosquito bite leaves a small red bump which causes itchiness.They vanish within a day or two on their own but if you find the rash becoming worse or causing swelling then without any delay consult your doctor.It might be some other insect not necessarily mosquito.

Apart from mosquitoes , bee and wasp stings are common.

Symptoms of Bee sting

  • Sharp pain and burning sensation at sting site
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness

Home remedies for Bee sting

  • Try removing the sting with a tweezer , wash it with water and soap to remove venom as much as possible.As Bee sting is acidic you can neutralize its venom by applying baking soda paste .Make the paste by adding little water to it.This would reduce pain, itchiness and swelling.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar to the affected area by dabbing it with a cloth or soak it in apple cider vinegar for 15 mins.
  • Alkaline nature of toothpaste also helps to reduce pain and swelling, neutralizing the venom.
  • Aloe vera gel also soothes bee sting, break a leaf and directly apply the gel on affected area.
  • Calendula cream is an antiseptic used to heal minor wounds and ease skin irritation. Can be directly applied to the sting site and cover it with bandage.
  • Another easy and most simple method is ice or cold compress , this too brings in lot of relief by reducing pain and swelling.

Hope all you mommies out there would have a wonderful summer.Follow these simple Home remedies and say goodbye to all Baby rashes. ?

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