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Homemade Nutty Health Drink Powder For Kids

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Homemade Nutty  Health drink powder  for milk
Nutty Health drink powder

Winters are approaching and the best time to have nutty homemade health drink with all goodness of nuts , bidding goodbye to malted protein powder or chocolate powder readily available in market.

Winters are good time to consume nuts which have several health benefits like rich in calories, proteins, good source of vitamins and fats .

Nutritious as well as delicious to eat , most importantly kids also love them. So, Mommies try out this simple recipe of homemade nutty health drink powder for milk which is power packed with all health benefits. Apart from kids ,Mommies too can have this , who neglect their health most. So, don your cooking aprons to prepare this easy peasy recipe , two in one recipe .Yummy and healthy.

All you need is ingredients, pan to saute, a blender and a glass container to store.

Homemade Nutty Health drink powder for milk


Almonds – 50gms

Walnut – 50gms

Pistachios – 50gms

Cashew nuts– 50gms

Pumpkin seeds -50gms

Green cardamom -10 -15 pods

Black pepper kernels – 10-15

Pinch of saffron (Kesar)

Aniseed – 1tbsp

Turmeric – 1tbsp

Rock candy or Misri -1 tbsp


1. Saute individually all nuts like cashew , walnut , pistachios , almonds and pumpkin seeds in a dry pan for couple of minutes. Keep them aside to cool down.

2. Spices like black pepper kernels, aniseed and green cardamom needs to be sauteed seperately in a pan just for couple of mins not more as aniseed would give a very strong aroma to the powder which might not be liked by kids.

3. Grind all the nuts in a blender and then blend spices like black pepper, green cardamom, aniseed, saffron, rock candy or rock sugar (Misri) and turmeric powder.

4 .Now, mix all the ingredients powder in a dry bowl and store it in a glass container or jar. You can mix the powder in hot milk and serve.

Shelf life

This powder can be stored easily for 6-8 weeks.

Your kids will not only love to have milk but you too will be contended to provide them with all nutrients that their growing age needs.

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  1. Oh I remember my mom prepared a similar nuts powder for my son when he was around 3, he used to love his glass of milk mixed with that nut powder.

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