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Homemade Vanilla Icecream : A Summer Delight

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Vanilla Ice cream

Summer means scorching sun, sweat, heatwaves and restlessness. All you want is a respite from the sultry days of summer.

These days of sweat also makes me nostalgic when I relive my good old days of school by remembering ice creams made by my mom.Soft, creamy ice cream that mom would have prepared and kept in the fridge only to be served after lunch.

I still remember the lingering taste in my mouth and the soothing aroma of vanilla that even today makes me nostalgic.

The only solace that we had after coming back from school was that frozen dessert that my mom would have prepared for us. Those days air-condition was luxury and coolers were of no use in a hot, humid climate. I was completely against the coolers as I felt it just added my woes.

Coming back to COVID 19 times it has not only confined our lives within four walls but also has confined our consumption to the array of desserts and sweets that we had earlier.

This lockdown is a boon in disguise for me, as usually, I get only a week or two to stay with my parents. But this lockdown gave me ample time to spend and create memories with my parents for a lifetime.

This was also an opportunity to relish and devour “Maa ke hath ka Khana” and vanilla ice cream topped the list. Earlier, I was just a kid when I had them not bothering a bit to know how it’s made. But with the passage of time, I am now a mother of twins and I equally want to gift my kids what my mother has gifted me all these years.

“Maa ke hath ka khana” always has that magical touch along with the spices. It has the love and dedication of a mother’s heart. This time I got the opportunity to know and follow the recipe to the “T”.

So, here I am sharing you the recipe that my mom passed on to me.


1 litre milk

2tbsp custard powder

6 tbsp sugar

1/2 cup fresh cream

1tsp Vanilla essence


1. Take a thick pan, add sugar to the milk and boil it to half litre.

2. When the milk is boiling, prepare the custard powder mix in a different bowl by adding 2tbsp of cold milk.

3. When you are about to turn off the flame add the custard powder mix and stir it.Then keep it aside to cool.

4. After it cools down churn it in a blender just little bit and then add vanilla essence and fresh cream to it. Again churn the mix in a blender.

5. Pour the ice cream mix in a plastic box or mould however, you wish. While pouring in a box cover it first with a cellophane paper and then close the lid. This helps the ice cream to be soft and creamy .Prevents the ice cream to be crunchy.


After refrigerating it for three hours you need to churn the frozen dessert in a blender for just a while. You need to repeat this process twice. That is after churning you need to freeze it back and then repeat after three hours.

Since it’s mango season, you can serve this ice cream with fresh cubes of mangoes and garnish it with dry fruits.

Do relish this summer delight before the season gets over. Try your hands on this recipe and your kids can’t stop thanking you for this frozen dessert.

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27 thoughts on “Homemade Vanilla Icecream : A Summer Delight

  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe. My family and I relish vanilla ice cream a lot. Nowadays we all are trying to consume homemade food. I’ll definitely try this recipe and let you know my feedback as well. Keep sharing your food blogs with us.

  2. Vanilla Ice Cream is an all time favorite and your recipe sounds so easy to follow. Your pic has me drooling and i shall attempt to make this too.

  3. Wow this is definitely something I can try because I regularly make custard. I love custard. And these are just added ingredients that’s available at home.

  4. I am not very good in making custard. But I will give it a try for this ice-cream. Summertime is here and it is also the time when my daughter’s birthday is exactly two weeks away. Let me try it then.

    1. Do give a try its easy and don’t forget to churn it . That tip would prevent from making your icecream flaky.

  5. My both girls loved vanilla ice cream. your method sounds really easy and thanks a lot for sharing tips for making it soft..will surly try this during this summer. and let you know, my experience.

  6. Making vanilla icecream using your recipe is sure going to be easy. Your pic looks mouth-watering. Next time I make Chocolate-walnut brownies I’ll pair them with homemade vanilla icecream.

  7. This is one of the most easiest recipe I have seen and I am sure it will turn out super delicious. It reminds me of my childhood, maa use to make this in every summer vacation and we could never get enough of it.

  8. Wow. This Icecream looks so tempting from the pic. Am definitely trying this. My kids have been craving for ice cream since long but am so apprehensive about ordering it from outside.

  9. I have never tried making an ice cream at home, would love to try this recipe. I’m getting custard powder and vanilla essence today & will prepare this yummy ice-cream and surprise my family. Thanks for the recipe.

  10. This a yum and yum recipe. It definitely needs a lot of patience to get the real treasure to be scooped!

  11. I like easy recipes and this ice cream recipe sounds like something I could definitely try.Thanks for sharing this.Home made pics cream is bliss

  12. oh this is a nice tip actually for keeping the ice cream soft and creamy. I always felt we need to add something to prevent it becoming flaky cold. Will try this recipe for sure.

  13. Ice cream and summers go hand in hand. With rise in COVID 19 numbers I also prefer to make all food at home and ice cream too. Was not adding cream , thanks for the recipe.

  14. Vanilla is still one of my favorite flavours when it comes to icecream dear and I loved your churning tip a lot

  15. thank you for sharing your recipe for home made vanilla ice-cream . I will try to make it by following your given steps .

    1. Hey do try this recipe and I am sure your kids gonna love it. Just a querry how did you come across this post.

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