How Important is the Role of Protein in Childhood Development? #63PercentMoreProtein

How Important is the role of Protein in Childhood Development?
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How Important is the role of Protein in Childhood Development?

Right from infancy, kids need protein to support rapid growth, development, and immunity. To a parent, it is essential to know how important it is to incorporate protein in a diet and whether your child is getting enough protein. Adequate protein is needed in the most crucial period of development, that is childhood.

Here’s how to tell if your child is getting enough protein, how to add more to their diet, and why this nutrient is important for growing children.

Role of Protein in Child Development

Protein is in every cell in the body. Our bodies need protein to build muscles, bones, and skin. Apart from being a body-building nutrient it also plays a crucial role in making antibodies in our body which fight against the illness and is vital for the immune health of the children. It is important to get enough dietary protein. Protein is needed by our body every single day as our body doesn’t store it the way it does for fats or carbohydrates. Protein requirement depends on age, sex, health and level of physical activity.

What Happens When Children Miss out on Protein?

We all require protein to stay strong and healthy but kids need it the most for their growth during their childhood. To support rapid growth and development, protein is critical in the early years of childhood

If you are not sure of your child’s protein needs, then here’s a quick guide from ICMR, Indian Council of Medical Research.

Infants (0-6 m): 8.0g/d

Infants (6-12m): 10.5 g/d

Children (1-3y): 12.5 g/d

Children (4-6y): 16.0 g/d

Children (7-9 y): 23.0 g/d

Boys (10-12y): 32.0g/d; Girls (10-12y): 33.0 g/d

But, how can one determine if the child is getting an adequate amount of protein? When kids fall short of their protein recommendations, they may experience fatigue, delayed growth, bone and joint pain, or low immunity. Several factors make it challenging for kids to consume enough protein including lack of appetite, picky eating behaviors, and feeding difficulties. (source)

So, what’s the best way to ensure your child doesn’t fall short of this body-building nutrient?

How to Add Protein To Your Child’s Diet?

Protein is easily available in several foods. They provide us with essential amino acids required for growth. Examples of food rich in protein are lean meats, poultry, fish, milk, pulses, beans, yoghurt, cheese, eggs, tofu, and other soy products. These foods which are rich in amino acids help in rapid growth, support immunity, and many other critical body functions.

Offering protein-rich meals and snacks can help meet the protein requirement in kids. But, often kids don’t always eat what is offered to them in meals.

How Can You Help Kids Get Sufficient Protein?

When children aren’t getting adequate nutrition, especially protein from their daily diet then it is time to tweak their daily meals. I remember that in my growing years, I was a lanky and skinny girl. My parents started giving me a glass of milk with Complan which I found tasty along with a healthy balanced diet. They also added paneer dishes to my meals regularly. Beans, nuts, and whole grains were other ways my parents ensured I was getting sufficient protein in my daily diet.

Complan has essential nutrients to support growth and to support memory and concentration. It has 34 vital nutrients including 100% milk protein. Not only that, Complan contains 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks. It is clinically proven to support 2X faster growth.

So, if you think your child is not meeting the daily requirement of protein then you can add protein sources that your child finds palatable and tasty.

Always keep an eye on the diet of a child and ensure that all meals are well-balanced. A happy and healthy child brings a parent so much assurance and satisfaction.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views solely of the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiated by Complan.

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