I am not perfect yet a masterpiece in making.

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No human body is flawless or perfect but unique in its own way.We mortals only get to see the outer beauty ignoring the inner beauty, which actually defines who we are.

We judge only on physical appearance forgetting about the struggles, challenges that every life faces behind.Forgetting about the beauty that actually resides inside.It’s these challenges and struggles in life that polishes us to shine our inner light.

Do we ever ponder on why there is variation in every life form? Ofcourse, there is science and DNA behind, but apart from that, variation brings charm and beauty to life. Without which life is boring and not happening. Imagine, if we all humans were equally beautiful? Humans always look out for newness in every form, that’s what attracts him.

Body shaming not only hurts you but shatters your inner peace, at times pushes you into depression.We are moved by criticism as we see ourselves through mortal eyes, only the outer self, ignoring the higher self that builds our character.Our higher self is our soul which is untouched and unseen, defining every trait of our personality.

Even the most perfect looking body, straight from a supermodel magazine undergoes several surgeries to give that extra oomph factor that the world wants to see. To fit into this world we all try to polish ourselves, try to hide our displeasing looks.

My story completely resonated with the song ” Perfect ” by Anne-Marie.

Don’t feel like putting make-up on my cheeks
Do what I wanna
Love every single part of my body
Top to the bottom
I’m not a supermodel from a magazine
I’m okay with not being perfect

My story goes back to my childhood where I was not bullied by my friends, but at times criticised by my relatives. Life was bit easy in school as I was good at academics and moreover had plain-looking girls as friends so not much of a competition nor any bullying around. I was often referred as “Pakai” meaning toothless in Oriya as had the most imperfect set of teeth. Though, bit heart pinching to hear that special name but it never bogged me down much. My mom used to suggest me to smile and not laugh your heart out as it would reveal my imperfect teeth. May be she did so to provide me with a solution as even dentist could not set them right. Or may be to protect her child from sarcasm and provide best for her.

It was my father who was always proud of her three daughters, he always encouraged us whatever we did and always taught us to see the inner beauty of a person rather the outer self which goes back to dust after death.This thought of being proud of what you are, or what you are gifted with, was inculcated quite early in my life. So, sarcasm regarding my teeth or my skin tone or my protruded belly never ever bogged me down, I take it with a smile.

Today, being a middle-aged Mom I am struggling hard to shed few pounds not to get back those curves to be flaunted but to be a role model for my kids to stay healthy. Making them realise that staying fit should be one’s priority.Trying to do anger management through yoga and meditation, pushing myself to be a better mom. Working on my flaws that would make me a better person as a whole.

Way to go, but it’s worth the wait, no
You haven’t seen the best of me
I’m still working on my masterpiece and I
Those who mind, don’t matter
Those who matter, don’t mind

These lines are from the song ” Masterpiece” by Jessie, speaks my mind and what I strive for. We need to accept ourselves first with whatever flaws we have and then we can take the whole world in our stride.

“Kintsugi”, in Japan is an ancient art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, we can create an even stronger, more beautiful piece.This 400-year technique actually highlights the “scars” as a part of the design.Using this as a metaphor for healing ourselves teaches us a vital lesson: Sometimes while mending things that have broken, we actually create something more unique, beautiful and resilient.

I am in that process of making my own masterpiece, embracing all my imperfections and flaws. Striving and fighting each day to make a better tomorrow for myself, my family and my community.


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