IVF : The Gamechanger

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IVF : In Vitro Fertilisation

The statistic of Infertility in the world is jaw dropping. It’s around 8- 12 percent worldwide. Approximately, one in eight woman faces infertility during her reproductive age.

The Infertility clinics these days are mushrooming and has given a ray of hope to thousands of infertile couple who struggle to attain parenthood. Several think that doctors pushes their patients to adopt IVF as it’s an expensive affair and a good way of minting money for the clinic.

But this post is likely to help you out to understand what’s your issue and where to head to.

Thanks to Sir Robert Geoffrey Edwards and Patrick Steptoe, who founded the first IVF program for infertile patients paving way to light the lives of millions of infertile couple who are lost in dark tunnels of despondency.

In Vitro fertilisation aka Test-tube Babies is a part of Assisted reproductive technology (ART) that fuses eggs with sperm in a dish in a lab. The embryo created is then placed inside the womb or uterus of the concerned. Today, IVF is not only offering parenthood to many but also helping out to stretch fertile years of women. Apart from that, it’s also discarded genetic abnormalities to be passed from parent to child. In short, IVF has now set the trend of creating (Designer babies) by genetic screening using PGS/NGS.

Here, I am suggesting few pointers wherein you can decide whether it’s a right technique of ART ( Artificial Reproductive Technologies) mentioned to you by your doctor or a gimmick . I am not a professional but, Yes, I have gone through the long tedious process and realized few mistakes that we should not have made while pursuing parenthood.We, as a couple were little apprehensive about the whole IVF process thinking that IVF babies are not healthy and more prone to cancer. A common myth that grips IVF, as a result of which I had 5 unsuccessful IUI attempts. Ideally, 3 attempts are enough to declare that this method is not working for you, but we went for 5 attempts as we had made up our minds for not seeking help through IVF .

The Sequence of treatment

1. Blood Tests

Firstly, you undergo various blood tests to identify the optimum levels of hormone required for this treatment.

  • FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone)
  • LH ( Luteinizing hormone)
  • TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)
  • PRL ( prolactin)
  • AMH ( Anti Mullerian Hormone).

2. Ultrasound to access ovaries –

This is one of the most basic procedure to find out the ovaries and uterus well being. To look for any abnormalities if the organs have as that could hinder pregnancy and live birth in future derailing the entire process.

3. Diagnosing Fallopian tubes

After above two tests your tubes ie. Fallopian tubes are tested to see whether they are functional and open. Usually, they conduct dye tests for Fallopian tubes or take an x-ray by injecting iodine into your uterus, known as HSG.

4. If all the above tests including your tubes are normal and you are less than 30 years of age . Usually, doctors prescribe hormonal medicines and encourage to conceive naturally through Follicular scanning.

5. Laparoscopic surgery

If any of the above tests have any discrepancy then first those discrepancy are treated to carryout further treatment for conceiving. Usually, laparoscopic surgeries are carried out to remove anomaly in tubes, uterus or ovaries like cysts, fibroids, tissue scar, endometriosis etc. These anomalies could hinder both pregnancy and live birth.

6. IUI

If you fail to conceive naturally, or you are above 30 years of age then IUI ( Intrauterine Insemination) is recommended .In this process the sperms of your partner are artificially injected into your uterus at the time of ovulation. This treatment also works out for several couples and is less expensive as well as time taking. Every month a new attempt can be made with your menstrual cycle.

7. In case, your uterus and hormone levels are perfect but Fallopian tubes are not functional or closed then doctors opt for IVF ( In Vitro fertilization) . In this technique the tubes play no role as the embryo is created outside ie. in test tubes, hence the name test tube babies. The embryos are then graded and most healthy ones are injected so that your chances of conceiving increases and miscarriage decreases.

Mostly, miscarriages happen due to chromosomal or genetic defects, it’s a nature’s way of discarding the weak embryos.

If you are opting for ART techniques then follow your doctor’s advice and step into those fertility clinics where success rate of live- birth is high. In spite of healthy and functional tubes at times IUI does not workout so don’t waste your time and money after three attempts . It’s better to opt for IVF, for successful IVF choose your doctor and clinic wisely.

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  1. I could read all the terms that my doctor have explained. An informative post again. Well done. Keep writing ✍️✨

  2. Wow I seriously never knew about these steps to start the process, I really wish all those seeking IVF may pass these with ease and get a great gift of life in return.

  3. This process seems quite scary when you’re in the stressed mode already. I know people who have adopted and done surrogacy but not sure about iVF.

  4. Great Info about IVF treatment Debi and you had covered all points well in the post. I agree that expertise of doctor matter most in IVF treatment and everyone who is planning to undergone through this treatment, should done an extensive research. great series and you are sharing really valuable info with each post, will help a lot to infertile couples in knowing an insight of infertility treatment.

  5. A much needed a very informative post, I also went through three IUIs and then as we also were not very keen on IVF due to the myths we decided to take a break. Had been through it all as you mentioned. IVF has helped many couples and should be considered as an option

    1. Yes, Arushi . IVF myths are many that hinders a couple from taking this treatment. Moreover, expertise and good hand of the doctor also matters a lot.

  6. That’s so precise post for IVF treatment, I have seen many successful and unsuccessful both cases in my family, technology is not less than a boon.

    1. Yes, technology has given us wings to fly and transform our dreams into reality.

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