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7 Common Myths of IVF Busted

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Myths of IVF

Throughout the series of blog chatter A2Z campaign, I have been focussing on various treatments that are usually adopted for treating infertile couples. Mainly focussing on IVF and IUI.

IVF is a wonder of science and technology that renders a ray of hope to an infertile couple desperate to experience the bliss of parethood.

Fortunately, Universe was kind enough, to brainwash us by a Godsend doctor and lead us to the renowned IVF specialist of the city. Dr.Sudip Basu, a warm-hearted and successful doctor who gifted us the joy of being parents of twins. All this happened only when we broke the false shackles around us and opted this line of treatment.

But still many are gripped with social stigma and myths that are unscientific as well as illogical. As a couple, we too were gripped with few myths. For which unnecessarily delayed our parenthood journey by giving up our chase after failed IUI attempts.


Most of the couples are clinched with this myth that the babies born out of IVF process are weak and cancer prone. The reason behind this thought process is the hormonal dosage that is given to a women during the treatment. The dosage is more by 3 to 4 folds considering any other treatment. Moreover, hormones introduced to the body are synthetic and not natural.

Before drawing any conclusion or having a belief one must understand what is IVF? IVF is a process in which extracted or donated eggs are fused with good quality of sperm in a dish in a sophisticated laboratory. The fusion leads to the formation of embryo that is either transferred to the womb or uterus of the female or are frozen.

Once the embryo introduced into the womb gets implanted its like any other normal pregnancy. In layman’s language the embryo is the seed and the lining of the uterus is the soil that nurtures the embryo to grow into an infant within 9 months.

Eating right, sound sleep, keeping oneself stress-free, prenatal checkups during pregnancy determines the health and overall well being of the fetus. IVF has got nothing to do with the health of the kids born out of it. So don’t waste your time delaying things. If your doctor feels you should go for an IVF.Then opt for it.

My both the kids had good birth weight and till date have better immunity than their peers. So free yourself from any mental block and embrace the golden opportunity that the science is offering you. For better results read Do’s and Don’ts of IVF.

Myth 2 It is only for the rich

The hormonal injection that stimulates ovaries to produce more eggs both quality, as well as quantity wise, comes pretty expensive but there are clinics I know personally were couples from the humble background are given concession. It’s still cheaper than several other surgeries.

Myth 3 –  It is only for younger couples

Actually it’s other way around. Age is definitely a deciding factor for fertility. This procedure is effective for ladies in the menopausal group but the eggs are donated by the younger females. However, the pregnancy rate in older women is less as compared to younger ones.

Myth 4 – IVF pregnancies result in cesarean births

IVF pregnancy is just like any other natural conceived pregnancy. It has got nothing to do with the method of birthing. This misconception is built up because IVF is usually opted by older couples where normal or vaginal delivery is less encouraged because of other issues. Couples who have tried to conceive for many years or those with higher chances of multiple pregnancies can opt for elective cesarean delivery. A very normal vaginal delivery is possible following IVF.

Myth 5 – IVF has a 100% success rate

The success rate of IVF is about 40% in couples below the age of 35. Also, the success rate of IVF depends on factors such as age, cause of infertility, and biological and hormonal conditions.

Myth 6 IVF is not safe

It is a safe procedure with only about 2% of patients standing the risk of becoming unwell from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Myth 7 IVF is not successful in the first attempt.

This is absolutely a misconception as I am the living example of it. I conceived at the age of 36 years and delivered two healthy babies through IVF.

Even today in society Infertility issues are not openly discussed. With social stigma associated we are losing this golden opportunity that the technology is offering.

According to statistics, only 10% to 20% of IVF patients are completely open with their families about wanting to conceive a baby through assisted reproductive techniques. There is still a misconception that babies born through these procedures are unnatural and the society is not very forthcoming towards such couples.

It’s important to encourage couples to come out and talk about their fear and apprehensions, which will help them to remove misconceptions.

Don’t wait until it’s far too late.

This post is a part of the series #trystwithinfertility of blogchatter A2Z campaign.

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30 thoughts on “7 Common Myths of IVF Busted

  1. Very interesting post. You have cleared the doubts of many I am sure. I agree there is a social stigma attached to IVF and that is why not many talk about it. My only concern is there are some docs who refuse to help patients and push IVF for many. As long as you have a good gynecologist who has treated and helped you, IVF is a great way to become parents.

  2. Great post debi and you had shared really valuable info about myths associated with IVF. yes, will help a lot to infertile couples in understanding the important aspects of IVF.

  3. I seriously had no knowledge about this myths got good information after reading thank you so much for sharing regarding IVF for a better way to understand…

  4. Being confident, having a positive, trusted, and experienced OB/GYN is very important in pregnancy. We see all this is a norma pregnancy so talk about something different like IVF and our anxiety level goes up. You have described the myths in a very easy language. First hand information always helps.

    1. Thanks Alpana have gone through this painful procedure so thought of sharing it who are seeking information.

  5. I was’t aware of most myths shared but am glad that you busted them. Before opting IVF many people are bound to think about some facts and myths, this article helps.

  6. This post will really help many to be moms who fear the myths in the society. Very detailed and nicely written post !!

  7. You totally took me by surprise with this post. Even though my sister had her baby through IVF treatment. Surely all myths busted now and forever.

  8. IVF is very common these days and something more and more couples are opting for. The process, which is a savior for a lot of couples, comes with it’s own scary stories and myths. Glad you wrote this post and busted them.

  9. As a doctor I too have couples coming to me for infertility treatments and I find the most common myth is that it is hundred percent successful and sometimes only one try is all you need. We need a lot of patient education before deciding what is best for them,Great post , keep up the good work !

    1. Thanks Preeti, Your appreciation for the post means a lot to me as you are a doctor yourself. My sole intent of coming up with the series #trystwithinfertility was that.Hope this piece of info helps in educating many.

  10. Lots of people have confusions about IVF and your post helps in clearing them out. Safety, age and money factor are most common and I’m glad those myths are untrue.

  11. There are so many myths around IVF but this post gonna helpful to so many couples who are planning for IVF . Thanks for the post dear.

  12. I didn;t know so much details about IVF and in fact that there are so many myths about this procedure. However I must admit even I thought that IVF was a costly procedure for expecting a baby.

  13. These are such important topics that you have covered related to IVF. I will surely share this with my cousin she was planning on checking the IVF option.

    1. Thanks Rajshree, do share it with your cousin. If she finds it useful she can look out for other posts of BlogchatterA2Z 2020, which was on Infertility. I am also coming up with an ebook on this. Its on my 10 yrs journey of infertility with all info that a couple needs to know before embarking on ART (IVF & IUI) treatment.

  14. You have cleared many of the myths, shall forward to a friend who was hesitating with IVF procedure and to all the myths attached to that. Will look forward for next post in the series.

    1. Thanks Meenal, I myself was gripped with a myth and had delayed the procedure for three yrs unnecessarily. The sole intent was to educate and provide couples with right info.Thanks once again for sharing it.

  15. There has been a lot of myths all around for IVF now but it is good to see that bloggers like you clear the myths with right info.

  16. Social stigma around ivf is going to stay for a while just like it’s for bm vs fm. But this post is quite enlightening and helpful for women trying to get pregnant.

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