Healthy & yummy Banana🍌 cake recipe in 3 version ; Eggless,Choclate and Egg

With the rising sun of the morning ,a question starts hovering around every mom’s head  “what’s for breakfast” ?It further causes headache for working mom’s as they don’t have the liberty of time . Something to serve quickly and does not questions the health quotient .So , here’s a healthy & yummy solution for all mom’s . You have to…

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TOP 10 myths of Pregnancy and Miscarriage busted.

Pregnancy and Miscarriage are two sides of the same coin, completely opposite.One brings sheer joy and other pushes you to abyss of sadness. Usually woman are surrounded by plethora of advices the moment people know they are expecting.Even your husband don’t spare you ,who has no experience of child birth. So,let’s bust them out ,one by one and make our life…

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