Have Lockdown Masti with ZEE5

Life can be pretty overwhelming during this Lockdown period when you can’t step out and you are bound within four walls. With endless household chores, Kids and office work all you need is a break from the monotony. It’s little more than two weeks and now even our favourite TV serials are airing old episodes, all thanks to corona scare.…

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Bird’s Eyeview on Infertility treatment.

Infertility in today’s world has started mushrooming because of fast-paced lifestyle, junk food, late marriages, delaying parenthood decision and many more. But before you conclude that you have to take professional help you need to prepare yourself financially, mentally and emotionally too. Infertility treatments are very expensive and time taking procedures, you need to have patience before you could materialise…

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Is Biological Clock of a Woman ticking?

Before delving deep into this topic and establishing it’s relationship with the fertility of a woman. It’s important to know, What is Biological Clock? What is Biological Clock? Well, the term Biological Clock evolved way back in 1970’s. It is the progression from puberty to menopause during which a woman can bear a child. “Biological Clock” evolved when lot was…

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The Woman That I Am Today.

It was a cold and somber night when a 23 year-old girl stepped out with her friend to watch a movie never to return back home. Little did she know, that wintry night would be her last. Yes, you all would have guessed by now the horrific gang rape of 16th December, 2012 that shook the entire country and raised…

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Letter to my Niece

Secret tips to excel in BoardExam.

This blog post is dedicated to all those students who would appear for Board exams this year. It’s a letter to motivate them and break the shackles of fear mostly created by their acquaintance. I have shared my secrets with my niece through Letter. Dear J, When I first saw you I was a newlywed bride and you were a…

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