Is IVF a boon or gimmick in reality?

The statistic of Infertility in the world is jaw dropping. It’s around 8- 12 percent worldwide. Approximately, one in eight woman faces infertility during her reproductive age. The Infertility clinics these days are mushrooming and has given a ray of hope to thousands of infertile couple who struggle to attain parenthood. Several think that doctors pushes their patients to adopt…

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I am not perfect yet a masterpiece in making.

No human body is flawless or perfect but unique in its own way.We mortals only get to see the outer beauty ignoring the inner beauty, which actually defines who we are. We judge only on physical appearance forgetting about the struggles, challenges that every life faces behind.Forgetting about the beauty that actually resides inside.It’s these challenges and struggles in life…

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Creative writing

The Last Letter

A short story that speaks about the inner strength of a mother , who can fight with any odds of life to save her child. Lofty pine trees and luscious green carpet surrounded this stone built house on hill top with mighty Himalayas as the backdrop, the view was breathtaking for humble dwellers . Pooja was a beautiful, young, diligent…

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