Food Art Entices Fussy Eater

Toddler phase and fussiness in kids goes hand in hand.Almost half of the toddlers refuse their meal and shows least interest what’s being offered. But before trying to dig out solutions for our fussy eaters; as a parent we must understand the reason for being fussy. Fussy Eating Facts These facts can help you understand why children sometimes fuss about…

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My Friend Alexa, Parenting

Chanting Gayatri Mantra can make your child Super Intelligent and Conscious.

It’s an inherent desire of every parent to see their child prosper in future, emerging as a super intelligent and conscious human being.So, here is a simple yet powerful way to achieve . Now, this trick is being scientifically proved in the most prestigious Institute of Medical Science of India, AIIMS. The research work was carried out for the last…

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Miscarriage, My Friend Alexa, Pregnancy

Top 10 Myths of Pregnancy and Miscarriage Busted

Pregnancy and Miscarriage are two sides of the same coin, completely opposite.One brings sheer joy and other pushes you to abyss of sadness. Usually woman are surrounded by plethora of advices the moment people know they are expecting.Even your husband don’t spare you ,who has no experience of child birth. So, let’s bust them out ,one by one and make our…

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Creative writing

The Messenger

She lifted her saree and ran towards the temple. The echoing sound of bells compelled her to take a U-turn to remove her heels as wearing shoes is forbidden. To sprint with high heels was challenging and she stumbled badly to fall flat on her face. Suddenly a dark, soft hand with lightning speed prevented her from falling. As she…

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