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WOW prompt: Everyone else was grieving

  It was a bright morning with lovely sunshine, a blessing in winter ,especially in North India. The bright weather further added cheer to her beaming face that had a different glow today. After 10 long years she finally conceived and was going to hear the” LUB ” “DUB “, the rhythmic sound of her little one’s heart for the…

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Diet Chart for 6-8 months Baby

Mother’s breast milk is best for infants until 6 months, as it has the most balanced and right components to give adequate growth. However, once your kid attains 6 months of age Moms start bothering “what to give and what not to give my child?” Following are the most important nutrition that you must provide to your baby: Iron: Iron…

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Diet chart for Breastfeeding Mothers

Breast milk is aptly coined as “nectar of life ” for a Read orn. Breast milk is the best option that your baby can have in the first 6 months of his life. Even water is discouraged to be given during this period as for that you need properly sterilized utensils as well as the water itself. Breast milk is…

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Faith verses Medical Science

  Is this picture less than any miracle ?? A blossomed flower in a parched land.Though rare but it happens. Miracles do happen every day seen or unseen , felt or unfelt but occurs. I am sharing an integral page of my life with you all , to instill a new hope , Faith which has the power to make…

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