PCOS : Hidden Cause for Infertility

PCOS is the Hidden cause for Infertility
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The most common reason cited for infertility is PCOS (Poly – Cystic Ovarian Syndrome).PCOS is considered to be the hidden cause of infertility in almost 70-80% of cases. Most women with PCOS have a 20-40% chances of getting pregnant with IVF treatment. PCOS can be treated with a healthy lifestyle and active metabolic process. Before we know the co- relation between the two it’s vital to know two things about it.

What is PCOS? What are it’s symptoms and causes?

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that affects ovulation and menstrual cycle of a women during her reproductive age. As the name says it’s a condition in which ovaries develop several sacs of fluid (follicles) and fail to release the eggs or follicles regularly.

World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that PCOS has affected 116 million women (3.4%) worldwide in 2012 . Globally, prevalence estimates of PCOS are highly variable, ranging from 2.2% to as high as 26%. PCOS is 1 in 10 women.

Symptoms that suggest you are one of them.

PCOS usually go unnoticed during the early stage and they appear very early age but they attain severity or are noticed once the women start gaining weight. Few red flags or warning signs that can’t be ignored.

1.Irregular Periods

No periods, irregular periods or heavy periods all are due to some abnormal hormonal levels in your body. If you have less than 9 months period in a year or more than 35days of period it’s time to visit a doctor.

2.Increased level of Androgens(male hormone)

This causes the excessive growth of facial hair and body hair that is a visible red flag that should not be ignored. Early treatments of PCOS can eradicate infertility completely.

3.Numerous cysts in Ovaries –

Your ovaries would be filled with numerous sacs of fluid(follicles) resulting in enlarged and non- functional ovaries.

4. Acne problems –

Acute or severe acne problem also could be due to PCOS and it happens at an early age.

5. Mood Changes

6.Fatigue –

You feel fatigued without any physical work .

7. Weight changes and you find difficult to lose your excess weight

8.Low Sex drive

9. Male pattern Baldness – Thinning of hair

4 types of PCOS found

1.Insulin resistant PCOS –

This is the most common type of PCOS. Usually, occurred due to smoking, sugar, pollution and trans fat. High level of insulin prevents ovulation and triggers ovaries to produce more testosterone.

Tip to curb this naturally – Shun sugar at all. Only little amount is permissible as large quantities of sugar can lead to insulin resistance PCOS.

2.Pill induced PCOS –

Second most common PCOS which occurs after prolonged intake of birth pills. Usually, once the birth pill is not consumed the ovulation starts functioning properly. But in some women suppressed ovulation is not restored in spite of not taking the pills anymore.

3.Inflammatory PCOS –

It’s mainly caused because of the stress, toxins of environment and inflammatory diet like gluten. Inflammation of the ovary prevents ovulation, hormones get imbalanced and androgens(male hormones) are produced more.

Tip to curb naturally – Don’t Take Stress. Stress can do havoc to your hormones which affects the physiological functions of reproductive organs.

4.Hidden PCOS –

This is a simpler form of PCOS which is resolved in 3-4 months once the reason is known. Causes could be thyroid disease, deficiency of iodine (ovaries need iodine), on a vegetarian diet (it makes you zinc deficit and ovaries need zinc to function).

Tip to curb – Even after taking proper diet and adapting healthy lifestyle if nothing works then it’s time to seek a professional.

My experience

I did not have any symptoms which I have mentioned above except for little facial hair growth under my chin that too in mild version. But I had mild PCOS and I discovered only after a hormonal blood test.

So if you are trying out for a family you know your body better than even a doctor. Tell all the minor details that you don’t find right like mood swings, unnecessary feeling fatigued, hair loss, hair growth etc. It helps your doctor to diagnose properly and right medication along with lifestyle changes can do wonders for you.

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  1. I was also diagnosed with Mild PCOD 3 years back, I was lucky enough to get diagnosed and treated at the very initial stage, in PCOD also as my doctor advised with medicine adding the right meal leads you early recovery.

  2. I hear so many women having PCOS these days.. thank you for sharing a detailed post on it. Its so important to be diagnosed at the right time and get proper treatment.

  3. I also had symptoms of facial hair and weight issues and thus, was not diagnosed for long. When it was I was put on a birth control pill. This was much before I got married as well. Leaving the pill was a disaster like leaving a drug. I cured it with acupuncture and reflexology. I did have problems conceiving but this was not the case. Very important post

  4. Yes PCOS is a major cause of infertility and so many times there is no peculiar symptoms are present to diagnose this. I believe lifestyle changes with some hormonal medication helps in treating PCOS.

  5. I struggled with PCOS for many years but fortunately didn’t face infertility. I know how difficult it can be.

  6. My daughter is suffering from PCOD and she is not married yet.I keep worrying about how she will conceive,I am going to bookmark this post for her.

  7. This is very informative post. I have some friends those who are suffering from pcos and pcod ,I heard it makes conceiving difficult and also had so many bad effects on health. Will share this with them.

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