Non-Toxic Play dough that your kid would love to be with

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Toddlers phase is one of the most challenging phase that can really keep you on toes. For a twin mom like me it’s a double challenge.

Colours and touch both play a vital role in growing phase of toddlers. So,thought of introducing play dough to my twin toddlers as I wanted them to do something creative , have fun and have less screen time. They dig , bury ,stamp and not to forget EAT play dough.

Though commercial play dough are not harmful but they are not meant to be EATEN. They have preservatives and lubricants that are petroleum based.

Both of my twins are great tasters every colorful thing is first given a bite ….?

So, I ditched the commercial one and introduced them to world of colors through homemade play dough.

Basically ,it has five ingredients .

  1. Flour- 2 cups
  2. Water -1.5 cup
  3. Salt – 1 cup
  4. Cream of tartar
  5. Vegetable Oil- 3/4 cup

Of course colours have to be added , I have used Papilon food colours, readily available in Amazon or any food retail outlet.

Recipe of Homemade play dough

1. Take a bowl and mix flour and salt . After mixing properly you can divide them into two parts or three parts .

2. I have divided in parts , so that Different colors could be added to it. Bright colors always attract kids .You can add colors that are your kid’s favorite.

3.Now add color to water and oil to the flour and knead .You have to divide water and oil quantity also. If you have made two parts of flour same goes with water and oil too.

You are done, it hardly takes 15 mins and you are ready to give them a colourful messy hands that they love the most.

Play dough Accessories

To make it more interesting assist dough with following:

  • Cookie cutters of various shapes
  • Rolling pin
  • Molds etc.


  • You can store them in zip lock pouch so that they can linger more and not become dry. Oil is a natural lubricant used here and salt act as a preservative.
  • Keep an eye if you are making play dough in summer or monsoon as it becomes slimy and gives bad odor ,discard them immediately and make a fresh one. One week is usually good shelf life for this play dough.

Hope ,this home made recipe of play dough will render a fun-filled activity to your kids and keep them engaged, giving, Mommies their “Me time” ?.

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