Science behind Curd Rice to be the best Brain Food.

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Humble curd rice is the combination of both bliss and contentment .

It not only satiates my hunger but offers that calmness to both body & mind.

Out here in Chandigarh its quite humid these days because of the rain followed by sunny days with random patches of cloud. Curd Rice serves the perfect lunch for such humid & hot weather.The contentment and calmness that it provides, tempted me to know whats the reason behind it .I was amazed by the fact that how it has an impact on our brain.

So, here is the science behind this afternoon bliss that I experience.

Curd Rice is a great Brain food .Its the only food that releases TRYPTOPHAN, a chemical, in Brain , which helps to calm, promotes cool thinking and recharges neurons after mild rest. There is a Sanskrit connection with this chemical ,as Trupthophan , Trupthi means satisfaction.

Tryptophan is an amino acid and building block of another chemical called Serotonin. Serotonin has a wide range of functions in the body from playing role in learning , memory to digestion.

Serotonin is a neuro chemical and natural mood regulator that makes us feel happy, emotionally stable , less anxious , more tranquil , focused and energetic .Low levels of Serotonin are usually linked to mood disorders like depression. Its also a precursor for melatonin, the sleep inducing chemical that’s the reason we feel sleepy if we have curd rice in excess.

Humble Curd Rice serves a great Brain food in Tropical climate , which not only satiates your hunger but also keeps your body and mind cool.Unlike our western counterparts who take curd as yogurt which has sugar in it that makes the brain restless because of increased sugar level.

So, mummies give your kids this humble food as lunch which is good both for digestion and cognitive development.  

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