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The Messenger

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The Messenger

She lifted her saree and ran towards the temple. The echoing sound of bells compelled her to take a U-turn to remove her heels as wearing shoes is forbidden. To sprint with high heels was challenging and she stumbled badly to fall flat on her face.

Suddenly a dark, soft hand with lightning speed prevented her from falling. As she lifted her head to witness her saviour, all that she could see was a smile with strange look that welcomed her. Before she could offer her “Thankyou”, he was gone with the wind. Probably, into the woods at the backyard of the temple.

Nisha was a young, smart 24-year-old girl who was racing with time that morning as she had to attend an important meeting at 11am with her on-shore client. She moved ahead to reach her office without giving much thought on her stranger. Somehow managing to step into her office just 5 minutes before the meeting. The moment she switched on her laptop and looked into the screen, his smile and twinkling eyes flashed before her. She was taken aback and quickly gathered herself for the presentation.

After winding up her successful presentation she headed straight to her fiancé’s place, to celebrate her small achievement with a bottle of Shiraz. But all her excitement fizzled out when she found the doors locked and realised, she forgot to carry the duplicate keys that she had left in her office drawer.

With no other option left she went back to her flat as Ritesh, her fiancé, hates getting call when he is out for a work. He was running an NGO along with his few friends to rescue orphan and abused children of slum. Nisha was quite proud of what Ritesh was doing and had her own plans to further support this noble cause. Within half an hour she was back to her place and crushed her bed with a thud.

Being, drop dead tired all she craved and wished for, was a peaceful sleep.

The moment she closed her eyes that strange smile of teenaged boy flashed before her. She jumped up like a spring and sat on her bed, it had sent shivers down her body. She had never experienced anything like this before even after watching horror movies.

Whole night she tossed in the bed to rush to the temple next morning where she met this minor stranger. With perplexed look she sat on the steps of the temple like a lost soldier when she found no whereabout of her stranger, all she gathered was her stranger might have been from nearby slum. Within a month’s time she was about to tie knot with her fiancé and here she was battling with mysterious incident that had completely changed her life, at least her nights.

It was a week and she was yet to figure out, “why on earth was this happening to her”? Every night she was haunted by that strange face with a smile as if conveying a message to her. With passage of time in the quietness of night she started even hearing fade sob of a child. Now, she was confident of losing her mind, high time to seek professional help,

Mustering courage to spill the beans before completely losing it all, she headed straight to her fiancé’s flat from her office after a week’s time. Both being busy in their own worlds and had not met in a week’s time. She opened her flat as Ritesh informed her that he would join her in couple of hours.

Her head was banging because of weird, spooky, sleepless nights that she was battling with. Toppled everything in the cupboard to find headache pills. In that clothes mess, she found dozens of CDS which she felt quite unusual but her headache compelled to continue her search. What she saw next was unbelievable. While searching desperately for medicine box she dropped an envelope and photographs along with it. Her heart was thumping loud and she was about to throw up seeing the nude and half nude pictures of teenagers, one belonged to her juvenile stranger whom is met at the temple.

She sat down with a thud, aimlessly gazing at the fan trying to connect the dots of this entire mystery. Finally, solved the riddle that was haunting her for last few days. Ritesh was a Paedophile and her juvenile stranger was the “Messenger” from the world of darkness. With photographs and CDS she headed straight to Police station.

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26 thoughts on “The Messenger

    1. Thanks for giving it a read and liking it.It had a word limit so could not add more drama to it.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Coming from an avid reader means a lot . Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. Thanks for liking it. Wanted to make it little more captivating but had to restrain for word limit.

  1. I loved the way you created the entire plot in brevity! I admire you for this trait for brevity certainly isn’t my forte. Hope to get it someday

    1. Thanks for your kind words especially when it comes from a prolific writer and poet herself.Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. That is a really unusual piece of fiction, I could have never guessed the climax but in love with the thought process above. It is like words coming in form of pictures or like a movie.
    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

    1. Wow!! that’s a huge compliment . Thanks for encouraging my spirits. I was not happy with the flow of language though had a gripping story line.

    1. True but in many cases it’s happening. There are several Govt. shelter homes in India where minor orphan girls are regularly raped. Many more harrowing stories.

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