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Top 10 Myths of Pregnancy and Miscarriage Busted

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Pregnancy and Miscarriage are two sides of the same coin, completely opposite.One brings sheer joy and other pushes you to abyss of sadness.

Usually woman are surrounded by plethora of advices the moment people know they are expecting.Even your husband don’t spare you ,who has no experience of child birth.

So, let’s bust them out ,one by one and make our life little more relaxing.

10 Myths of Pregnancy and Miscarriage

Myth 1# Eating Pineapples and Papaya

Eating Pineapple and Papaya

I was almost on a nervous breakdown, when I realized that I had gobbled mouth watering, freshly baked pineapple cake that my hubby got so affectionately.Next moment I was busy turning all the pages of pregnancy book that I had stacked and probably visiting all possible sites on internet with relevant information on pineapples.This was not enough that I ended up calling my doctor late at night.

RELAX, all Mom -to-be out there you won’ t kill your baby by pineapple indulgence, so spare blaming this humble fruit with a refreshing flavor. Medical Science blames the genetic or chromosomal abnormalities of embryo or  other factors of your body not this humble fruit or any other.

Bomelain and Papain are the two notorious chemicals in Pineapples and Ripe Papaya respectively that  have earned them as “abstainers during pregnancy”.One can’t deny the fact that Bomelain can breakdown the protein  which fetus is mainly comprised of and Papain enzyme in Papaya causes pre-mature induction of labour.

Next time ,if you crave hard for pineapple or papaya then go for it but in limited portion or servings .Never replace main meal with any fruit.

Myth 2# You can’t have sex

You don’t have to zero down your sex life during pregnancy. Actually for some lucky woman it gets better because of increased blood flow in the pelvic area.Other’s might find the opposite (hormones can lower your libido).

You have to abstain from it completely if you had bleeding , low lying placenta, high risk pregnancy or cervical weakness.

Myth 3# Eating for two

Moms and Mom-in -laws of pregnant ladies chant the mantra of “You have to eat for two almost on daily basis”.Goodness in my case it was more frequent and had altered to three as I was expecting twins.

Believe me getting pregnant does not mean you get a license to eat whatever you want. In fact woman should eat smartly and be strategic of what to eat and how much.

Apparently in your first trimester , you only need about 100 extra calories a day to support growing fetus . By your 3rd trimester ,that additional number is closer to 300 per day.

So , eating RIGHT is essentially crucial than eating MORE.

Myth 4# Drinking caffeine 


Caffeine is present in several other food apart from coffee like tea, energy drinks, soft drinks and chocolate. It inhibits iron absorption when taken with meal ,it can reduce iron absorption by 39-90% which can hamper the development of fetus. Adequate amount should not exceed 200 mg per day or equivalent to two mug of instant coffee.

So, you can gulp one or at max two cup of coffee not more.

#Myth 5 Exercise or Workout

Workout is beneficial

Gone are the days of pregnant women avoiding lifting a finger during their pregnancies. We now know that exercise is good for mama and baby! In fact, regular exercise may help you combat many of the issues that arise during pregnancy, including insomnia, muscle pain, excessive weight gain, and mood problems.

The more active your pelvic muscles are,the more equipped you are  to deliver. There are simple and easy workouts that can be done to ease your delivery. Fitness pregnancy books or few classes conducted by nursing homes can work wonders.

It should be avoided only if you are having high risk pregnancy, low lying placenta (placenta previa) or got cervical weakness.

Myth 6# Do take Sea food

Sea Food

Seafood is loaded with vitamins and minerals, such as heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, and iron, which are important for both mom and baby. Unfortunately, under-cooked or raw seafood can also cause some problems. Seafood may carry harmful bacteria and viruses, which are eliminated when thoroughly cooked. Also, pregnant women should avoid raw fish and fish that may contain high levels of mercury, such as shark, swordfish, tile-fish, and king mackerel. Eat a variety of seafood so you don’t have a concentration of minerals from one type of fish, and eat no more than 12 ounces or 330 gm approx. of fish per week.

Myth 7 # Do not take medicines

Many OTC medicines are safe during pregnancy, somehow woman believe they need to put up with migraine and be  a slave to the runs.

You should always consult your doctor before you take any medicines during pregnancy but many experts have given green flag to following drugs.

Tylenol for headaches and fever, Gelusil for heartburn , Sinnarest for cold and Benadryl for allergies.

If you are averse of allopathic medicine and want to settle down with mild version , you can try homeopathy or ayurvedic .I had taken Homeopathy medicine during my twin pregnancy and never knew what heartburn, acidity and cold in all the three trimester .

Several herbal teas are also available to soothe your nerves but before taking please be sure whether they are safe to take during pregnancy.

Myth 8# Foretelling gender of fetus

Frankly speaking, I have thoroughly enjoyed all silly old wives tales.It was fun hearing them. Oh! “You got a big and round bump, it has to be a girl”.Others would say “your bump is not showing much so ought to be a boy”. I used to giggle, as only ,I was aware that I carried both.

Discard all such predictions and believe only on ultrasound or amniocentesis.

Myth 9# . Don’t Eat Unpasteurized Milk Products

Calcium is very important for growing babies, but moms have to be careful how they get their calcium from dairy. Raw milk is not recommended for expecting mothers. Raw milk is unpasteurized. That means it has not been heated to kill bacteria that could make you ill. Specifically, raw milk may contain Listeria. This bacterial illness can lead to illness, miscarriage, or even life-threatening consequences.

Myth 10# Don’t Sit in a Hot Tub or Sauna

Though relaxing, the high-heat environment of hot tubs, Jacuzzi, and saunas may be too dangerous for expecting mothers. In fact, research suggests that using one of these during your first trimester may double your risk of miscarriage.

Next time when you hear any myth checkout how far they are true.Why to trouble yourself unnecessarily.

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  1. All points agreed but cannot agree with consumption of Papaya during pregnancy. My doctor had strictly advised not to eat it.

    1. If you read the article carefully it’s mentioned that papain enzyme induces early induction of labour .The whole intent of writing rwas if you eat by mistakely or in moderate proportion it does not harm. You should never replace it with your meal.

  2. These are some age old myths that you have busted here. In fact, we all have witness the paradigm shift during our own pregnancy. I have my self didn’t follow many such age old NO Nos for happy and healthy pregnancy.

  3. Thanks for the myth buster! There are so many myths going around, it’s nice to get clarification on what right and what’s not!

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