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True Happiness comes with a purpose in life.

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We think we are happy if we have a swanky lifestyle to live for, a blooming relationship or a prospering career. But, are we really happy even after getting all this in life?

For me, true happiness comes from within and it’s our actions that decides that.

You are the creator and destroyer for your happiness. The materialistic world can offer you happiness only for a temporary period but can’t offer you peace and contentment in life. The story of an Indian couple actually taught me that true happiness is always about being selfless.

This story not only moved me but gave me a different perspective on happiness. It’s a true incident and today this Indian couple is the parent of more than 40 children. Here’s the story of Karibeeran and Choodamani who are the founders of “Hope” orphanage that has not only provided these children with basic amenities but also with good education. Here’s the heart- wrenching story of Karibeeran and Choodamani.

The Story

December 26, the day that brought havoc and untold grief to an Indian couple who lost everything to Asian Tsunami of 2004 . Thousands of lives were affected when magnanimous waves had hit the shores of Southern Eastern India, mainly Chennai and its neighbouring districts.

The couple along with their three children were in celebratory mood, Choodamani was busy cooking for the family a birthday meal while Karibeeran took the rest of the family to the beach. Kids nearby were playing volleyball and cricket . He along with his son were playing frisbee.

The very next moment twenty-five feet tall wave came and washed away many precious lives along with it. This is the tragic tale of Karibeeran Paramesvaram and Choodamani who lost their three kids and several other family members in a wink of an eye.

Karibeeran’s birthday celebration turned into a nightmare for lifetime who even thought of ending his life along with his wife as it had become meaningless. The next day Karibeeran went out in search of the bodies of their three children and other family members. He found all the bodies one by one . Apart from his family member’s bodies, they also had taken care of unidentified bodies at their home as they knew many were searching for their loved ones.

Couple of days later, this couple thought of visiting a village in neighbouring Nagappattinam to check how it had fared.They had been donating money to fund the education of kids in that village for a while.

What they witnessed was heart-wrenching. Several children were orphaned in that tsunami leaving them in helpless condition on road with no food or shelter. The plight of children made Choodamani take the bold step of adopting orphaned children. That day itself they brought three kids to their home.

A new chapter began in their lives , it was also the day the seed that grew into Nambikkai was sowed. Nambikkai in Tamil means “Hope”, rendering meaning and purpose to the lives of several orphaned children .

Happiness is selfless and it’s about giving to others rather receiving.

And I learnt this wisdom of life from this inspiring couple who knew the art of turning their paramount grief into happiness not only for themselves but for everyone around them.

I virtually met this couplel six years back in a TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati. They were invited for a charity donation for their orphanage. On hearing their story, I was so moved that till date I remember Kalibeeran’s narration of that fateful day . How he found the bodies, how they tried attempting to take their lives and how did they overcome, all of it.

After that whenever I faced grief in life, I remembered them that in spite of losing everything to nature. They are still spreading happiness for so many and are also staying happy for themselves.

Happiness not only comes from within but it also lies when you have a purpose in life. The purpose could be your family, your kids, your society anything that uplift others.

We, human beings look for happiness in whatever we do. It’s different for different people. Some try finding it in materialstic world, some in spiritual realm and some like Karibeeran in living for others.

This story always teaches me three important life lessons.

  • Happiness can only enter your lives when you “LET GO ” . Let go your negative thoughts, negative life experience or negative events of your life.
  • Happiness comes when you have a purpose in life that uplift others.
  • Seek happiness from within and not from outer materialistic world.

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This blog post is written for SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge 2020 by Ruchi & Dipika.


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52 thoughts on “True Happiness comes with a purpose in life.

  1. This story moved something in me. It’s such a strong tale and what makes it even more powerful is the fact that its a true story. Beautiful read

    1. Yes, Prisha. The day i came across with this story I was dumbfound and couldn’t sleep that day . Such stories inspire us to make our lives worth living.

    1. Thanks, Swati. We need to redefine our goals to have peace and contentment in life.

    1. Thanks Mahek, It has a great impact on my life and thought of sharing it here. At times we seek happiness only through personal achievement or pleasure but the true meaning lies in giving back to society.

  2. I don’t know what to say. I am writing this comment with moisture in my eyes. Being a parent, I can literally visualize what must have happened that day. And thinking about what this couple must have gone through is really tough but as they say when God gives us pain, he also give us the strength to fight that pain. Its upto us how to take it. Karibeeran and Choodamani are an inspiration. Thanks a lot for sharing this heartfelt and inspirational story.

    1. Ya, When i first came across this story I was numb. We crib on small things or events in life but there are people who know how to direct their sorrow and unhappiness into something worthy.

  3. Really inspired story! They are so brave! And the last points your said, I truly feel them!!
    We have to let go to welcome the good things. Good article.

    1. Thanks Sadvika, I am glad that you liked it. This story has always inspired me.

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring story. I absolutely loved reading this, the purpose of life plays in happiness too. 🙂

  5. Hi Debidutta. I truly connected with you when you said that happiness not only lies within but also when you have a purpose in life. Often, we waste half of our life in search of happiness when its within us only.

    1. Yes, Geethica. Purpose always gives a direction and actions towards it helps you to be happy.

  6. Omg, this story stirs up so many emotions. It definitely takes up a big heart, determination and much more to embrace the grief, shove it aside and engulf others and spread the happiness. I am so moved by this couple. It just shows us that inspite of the difficulties or size of the problems, if we have a big heart we can indeed give joy to others and create a happy environment around us.

    1. Yes, Amritha. This story teaches us so many aspects of life and definitely the art of living life right way.

  7. I had tear in my eyes while reading the story of this couple and I could imagine how hard it must be on them but it is really inspiring that they had found a meangiful way to deal with their grief. Thanks Debi for this wonderful post. I got touched by end message and agree that we all need a purpose in our life that uplifts others.

    1. Yes, Surbhi. This story has a great impact in my life whenever grief pulls me down i think of them and I bounce back.

  8. When you find happiness in the smiles of others… An incredible story that left me stunned; definitely above the ordinary human beings.

  9. There are people around us who go through immense grief yet come out stronger and teach us a way of living life through their endeavours. Thanks for sharing. Karibeeran and Choodamani are an inspiration.

    1. Yes, Aesha. We are so engrossed in our personal life and chase madly for happiness but actually true happiness lies somewhere else.

  10. Such a braveheart couple. How they transformed their pain into help is really inspiring. Thanks for sharing this. It really made an impact.

    1. This story has a deep impact on my life too and has taught me that happiness is not about self-gratification but having a worthy purpose in life.Thanks, Upasna for stopping by.

  11. A very inspiring post. I belove true happin4ss comes frm 2 things, one from within and 2nd from giving. One gets immense happiness when you give something to someone of need. Be it big or small, when u make someone happy u are bound to feel double the happiness

  12. Sigh. A true story of hope. I was reading the story and I was feeling so crying. How destiny can be so cruel? But how the couple found hope for life, is really saluting. A great salute to them. Choosing life could be difficult sometimes, but life could be turned out to be rewarding one

    1. This story has a deep impact in my life and always helps me to bounce back when grief and pains pulls me down.Thanks Swarnali for stopping by.

  13. The Asian tsunami of 2004 was a disaster. I haven’t seen the couple featuring in KBC but a team from my alma matter was working with them and had a chance to meet team Hope, but not the couple in a camp. Their courage, gratitude in heart and desire to live by a purpose still endears my soul. Happy to read about them after long.

    1. Yes, Pragnya. I have not written on how he found the body of his son as it was not mentioned in any news channel. But he had described that in KBC while speaking to Big B. It was heart wrenching to hear that. Till date i remember his narration of that doomsday. Thought of bringing this inspiring story just to highlight that we need to stop cribbing for petty things in life and redefine our life goals .

  14. A very inspiring post my dear, I have read about this couple and have been so touched from their kindness. Glad you shared about them too

  15. actually this is one actual meaning of happiness with purpose. Otherwise we are mostly behind illogical purposes.

    1. True, the society has set a wrong benchmark for happiness. Usually materialistic happiness is only considered to be the real one.

  16. You are so right when we find purpose in life the whole perspective changes and one starts finding happiness in others. Thanks for sharing inspirational story with us.

  17. I have watched that episode of KBC featuring Karibeeran and Choodamani, honestly, their story left me numb, I salute to their positive attitude towards the society. this couple is a true inspiration of happiness who found the ray of hope from the darkness of hard hitting tragedy, not only for them but for others also, Thanks Debi for reminding this inspirational story once again.

    1. This story has a deep impact in my life, Archana. Has taught me several things in life.

  18. In their sorrow, they found courage to care for others. A brave thing to do and what they are doing would be bringing immense happiness to them and people they help. 🙂

    1. This is a heart touching story that will force you to think and reflect on many aspects of life.Thanks, for stopping by and giving your time.

    1. Absolutely, such tales give you immense mental strength to endure pain and grief in life.

  19. Beautifully written blog. I completely agree that happiness comes with a purpose. In fact everything comes with a purpse and we can truly experience it only if we are prepared to accept it fully

    1. Thanks Sabiha for stopping by.your appreciation means a lot. If you don’t mind could you please let me know how did you stumble on this post.

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