Twin raising can be less messy by just 5 purchases

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This post does not have any affiliate links nor promoting any products.Its just to facilitate moms of twins ,an effort to make their life little less messy.

Messy house becomes part of every household who has a toddler or one can say messy house equals to ” toddler’s phase “.Can’t even imagine if you have twin toddlers but for me it’s everyday story apart from resolving fights. With every growing phase you have to adapt few things to give little breather to your sleepless nights and hectic days. We too as parents adopted various things in life, brought changes in our living and also made few purchases that made our lives little better and easy.

I still have the vivid memory of my delivery morning when I was entering the OT with anxious heart and prayers in lips.After just few minutes I could hear the cry of my first child followed by another with just a gap of 1 min.It was a c- section , my second baby had come along with the sac making it most beautiful, eternal moment of my life. All this while I was anxiously waiting to see their face and here I am cuddling and snuggling them…

Oh My God !! Its a twin of baby boy and girl.The entire family , my doctor and hospital staff was jubilant on their arrival.

There was an ambiance of mirth but as a parent responsibilities also creep ed in.How to raise them in best possible way with all comforts , keeping our sanity intact with sleepless nights for a year at least.

The five purchases that we made since their birth till date that has saved my life from being messier…

My munchkins just completed 2 yrs and I am a happy mom raising them without much help with sanity intact.

Here’s the list ,hope it saves your sanity too and gives you more time to be yourself. ?The “Me time ” that we all mommies crave for , which even pushes some to the brink of postpartum depression.

1.Breast pump

The foremost thing that comes after delivery is feeding of your baby, initially every child has difficulty in latching as there is always a mismatch between the size of nipple and baby’s mouth.It takes a while for your child to latch properly ,my baby girl took a month’s time to do so,initially she used to suck only superficially .Here breast pump can be your savior , your child will have your breast milk and also get that time to latch properly.I need not highlight the benefits of breast milk which is the “nectar of life” for infants.

There are two types of breast pump available in market , manual and electrical.

Manual Breastpump

Believe me you will burn your pockets little bit but that saves lot of your energy and spares your thumb from being swollen.

“Why to spend so much” this very thought insisted me to buy Chicco manual breast pump which was just for 25 hundred Indian rupees, initially it was good for couple of days but slowly my thumb started swelling and paining, as all the pressure is executed by thumb while extracting breast milk.

With every passing day quantity of breast milk as well as frequency of extracting increased that forced me to buy electrical breast pump. Got electrical breast pump by Philip company , handy, compact, battery as well as electrical operated for 11 thousand Indian rupees couple of years back.

Electrical Breast pump

All newly delivered mommies out there, please save yourself from all hardship and spend little extra by opting for electrical breast pump.

There is a long list of breast pump available in the market. Electric ones at an affordable fare of around 4 thousand Indian rupees .I will vouch for Medela, Philip and Chicco breast pump as I have used them personally moreover they are the best in their niche as per brand too.

2.Electric sterilizer

Boiling utensils and bottles for sterilization can be time consuming, expensive in terms of usage of fuel and less user friendly if you need the sterilized bottles on urgent basis.

I had introduced bottles to my twins at 6 months when electrical sterilizer came to my rescue and I was free from all the hassles of boiling utensils, bottles for sterilization. Moreover, it saves your fuel too?.Steam sterilization being the best mode, this electric device does your work in flat 6-7 mins.

Steam sterilizer

Moreover, you can keep the bottles and utensils in the sterilizer itself without any fear of contamination. Just need to wash your dishes and bottles, rest this product takes care off.


Pediatrician usually discourage and countries like Canada have even banned walkers. I have a contradictory experience, being mommy of two and no-one around, in fact I found this walker as my savior .When your kids take their first step, parents are the most excited one but with their advancing steps your alertness should also increase by several folds.

I used this kind of walker which was in shape of car with seat in middle so even if your kids dash with something they are still safe. The walker had wheels at the bottom.Whenever I had to finish some chores and my munchkins were awake I usually used this walker and was relaxed as I knew they are safe and won’t fall or hurt themselves.

Never use these kinds of walker without adults supervision as they are in the phase of learning and might trip while using them.

4.Twin Stroller

Parenthood excitement is doubled with the arrival of twins to an extent wherein you don’t even bother to shell out hefty amount to get a pram for a child to just take a stroll.

We did the same mistake by getting a Chicco twin pram which costed nothing less than 24-25 k couple of years back. I had a very horrific experience while traveling with this pram at Delhi domestic airport, to an extent of missing my ✈ flight. This pram is huge as well as heavy, very unfriendly while traveling especially. A big “NO” if you are planning to have one.

We realized that instead of pram we should have got stroller which are light weight, easily fold-able and travel friendly. Get a stroller and not a pram. To add more to its advantages it’s less burdening on your pocket too.

5.High chair

Another blessing in our purchase list for kids raising was high chair. Thanks to my hubby who suggested this and we got this chair when they completed 14months. This was the time when they had learned to be on their foot and mobility was joy cum new fun to them. All mommies are quite aware of the fact that kids are fussy when while eating. The bigger they are ,the more fussier. They need change in food texture , taste , feeding hands and even their eating place …..Almost on daily basis I thank my husband for getting me this when I am done feeding both kids in sharp 20-30 mins.

When in my friends who spend nothing less than an hour feeding one child per meal. I thank my stars and not to forget my high chair for making life easy…..

All the products mentioned above have been personally used by me and hence recommended. Hope, this article helps out new parents of twins especially.

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