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What you need to know while flying during Lockdown.

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Our flight during Lockdown.5

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.” 

~ Anonymous

Last weekend my first air travel during lockdown was a bit of both, life not escaping us and we not escaping life.

It was kind of urgency to return back where you and your children belong. Though I was in my home town with my parents and my in-laws, shuttled both the places but still missed our home.

I was missing my better half and kids were missing their daddy, the great. One who pampers them with toys and car rides.

Travelling with twin toddlers all alone is painstakingly troublesome and to add to your woes was the guidelines to be followed for COVID 19.

We started our journey on last week’s lazy Sunday giving up our precious sleep just for the excitement of travelling back to our destination. The humdrum began at sharp 5 am to quickly finish the chores as we had to travel the entire day. Finally, in “Bhaga, Bhaga sa Douda, Douda sa” mode, I managed to finish all my chores along with kids.

Now, the time had come to tick the long checklist that hubby dear had sent for precautionary measures for travelling by air.

Just before heading to the airport our COVID special dressing also began. I made my kids wear masks and then there was a big-time struggle making them wear surgical gloves. Not only me but my parents and my aunt too struggled. So they were four adults trying hard to make two kids wear their gloves. Finally, our sweat paid off and we headed to the airport to be on time. The moment we arrived there the weather seemed to be gloomy. It was hot and humid and we all were sweating badly.

The first sight was of the long queue before us with yellow circles to maintain social distancing. We quickly joined in the queue to be inside the airport as that could be our only escape from the sweltering heat. Imagine that was just 7.30 a.m in the morning and we all were profusely sweating.

Before I could settle down with my toddlers, my girl quietly said: “Mumma, I am not feeling well and I want to puke”.

My goodness, I could not think of what to do, where to take her. In that panic moment, before I could act, she had already started puking. The reflex was to immediately remove the mask from her face and help her to calm down. I always have a changing pair of clothes in my backpack bag for such unprecedented times.

Luckily, my mom was still waiting in the car and I was so relieved to see her when I turned back. I waved her frantically to come to me. Mom came and helped me out and we wrapped up things pretty fast.

The security guards were kind enough to direct our way to the gate as one of them sensed that we are already in a mess.

Our luggage were sprayed with a liquid, to sanitize it. After measuring our body temperatures and checking status in AarogyaSetu app we were allowed to enter inside the airport.

My journey started with a hiccup and I had learnt many lessons on my two hours flight to Delhi.

So, here’s my Do’s and Don’ts if you are travelling with kids during Lockdown.

Don’t ‘s

Avoid Wearing Gloves

Wearing gloves is a farce more so if you are travelling with not one but two toddlers. The whole purpose of wearing gloves is defeated as we don’t know the proper way of wearing nor disposing of it. If adults don’t know how can one expect toddlers who are going through the most active phase of life. My tiny tots did quite a good job by not letting their hands down as the gloves would come out of their hands. I felt it’s more of a punishment than protection.

Though airlines have issued guidelines regarding wearing gloves, it’s not mandatory at all.

Recently, an article was also published by Cleveland Clinic under Health Essentials “Why You Shouldn’t Wear Gloves to the Grocery Shop “.

The crux of the article is, it’s more effective to wash your hands and sanitize it frequently rather wearing gloves.

Image source by SIH

In fact, it’s more important to keep other factors in mind like;

* social distancing of at least 6 ft

*Wearing a fabric/cloth mask

* Avoid touching surfaces

*Don’t touch your nose, eyes and mouth

The above measures will keep you safer.

*Paper print outs of the Web check-in not required

If you are travelling with toddlers keep your hands free as much as possible. It helps you to manage things more efficiently as time and again you have to show your identity card for clearance. Try showing the web check-in screenshot from your phone rather paper prints. I was completely at mess holding three paper printouts, a phone, a backpack bag and two toddlers.

* Carrying Water Bottles of your own

Another myth that I was grappled with. There was a rumour that airlines won’t provide any eatery items and eating inside the flight is forbidden. Yes, eating was forbidden but not drinking. Airlines are providing water bottles the moment you board.

So don’t burden yourself carrying one, if you think it’s hygienic to have your own then you are most welcome. But with kids it becomes difficult if you are carrying too many things.

* Don’t feed your child just before you travel even if it’s for short distance.

If your child is an infant or a toddler don’t feed any liquid food. They tend to puke because of the moving vehicle. Motion sickness happens even in short distances. As the infants grow up this reduces with age and not necessarily every child suffers from this. Preferably, feed them much early before you start. A big ” NO ” to a liquid diet, give a semi-solid diet or dry. Make them drink little water if required.

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*Wear a Fabric/Cloth mask

It’s summer, N-95 mask will only make you feel suffocated and yes, spare them for frontline workers who need them more than us. Try buying breathable cloth mask. I had washed them before use and do check it out with your kids. Even though you specifically buy for kids but they are a loose fit and defy the purpose of wearing them. Checking the size before can save you from last moment panic when the mask keeps dropping.

Source: Centres of Disease control and Prevention, World Health Organization

* Take spare masks if travelling with kids

As I have got twins I took 4 pairs of the mask as spare. Do I need to say why??

* Your own hand sanitizer

Though you would be getting your protection kit provided by the airlines which contains a head shield, hand sanitizer and a sanitised mask. But it’s good to take one for yourself too as you would be spending more than two hours in the airport before boarding. I had both gel-based as well as spray bottle hand sanitizer. My experience will vouch for spray bottles it’s easy to use and you don’t keep dropping the cap.

*Keep your Identity Card handy

Keep your ID cards handy as you need to keep flashing them every now and then.

* Carry Dry munchies and Spare clothes

I definitely carry these in my backpack bag without a miss. The moment we stepped into the airport my girl puked and spare clothes saved my life from getting messier.

Keeping yourself hassle free while travelling is important. Being hassle free is bit exaggerated when it comes to travelling along with twins. But these practical tips would definitely make your life less messier.

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29 thoughts on “What you need to know while flying during Lockdown.

  1. Awesome post. Traveling with kids during this time is a totally different experience. I am sure it must have been a tough task for you. But have you experienced that during such situations, kids support us a lot. They show so much of adaptability. Have you experienced that?

    1. Yes, adaptability was there but you know bcoz of this COVID situation we parents are so paranoid. In spite of explaining so many times my son had put his fingers inside his mouth in the flight and i was scared to death. I kept sanitisizing there hand very frequently. They were quite manageable but following guidelines at tender age made my journey bit difficult. Keeping mask and head shield intact was also very difficult for their age.

        1. Hey, Kritika, It depends on the age of your child.
          If he is a toddler try making homemade cakes, grounded nuts, cookies, stuffed parathas, veg muffins etc.
          If he is above 5yrs old take sandwiches, cakes, dry fruit snack bars, stuffed parathas etc.

          Hope this helps . My blog has veg. muffin recipe . Its soft, is to carry or pack, nutritious, healthy and tummy filler.

  2. Your post has reminded the time when I had done my first international travel with my little girls all alone. I know how hard it is and I could understand your situation specially with recent pandemic. The article is really informative and you had shared really valuable inputs for easy travel with kids.

  3. So informative post about travelling during Lockdown, never ever imagined the travel kind of enjoyable activity with mask and gloves on, thanks for sharing your experience with us Debi, it really going to help many here.

    1. Yes, Archana. Those gloves and paper printouts gave me tough time. Digital form makes your life quite hassle-free.

  4. Oh my Goodness. Travel is no more going to be enjoyable hence forth. Especially while traveling with kids one will have to be super prepared and energetic to take care of them. Your post was an eye opener

  5. This is such a detailed and informative post Debi and it will help many people who need to travel back to their hometowns with little ones. I will share it ahead.

  6. This was such a much needed article. I can’t even imagine travelling at this moment but If I have to atleast I have this post to refer to. Will surely share this with anyone I know who is flying.

    1. Thanks Rajshree for spreading the word. The intent was solely to provide the ground realities.

  7. this is really helpful and extremely informative. so many people are worried and scared about flying. this blog makes it easy to understand the concept and whats to be done exactly.

  8. These are such practical tips. One needs to be careful but not panic while travelling with kids. I’m glad social distancing and safety measures are carried properly on airports.

  9. Interesting! Thanks for sharing your experience. Are they allowing eatables and drinkables beyond the security check or do you had to buy from the food court?

    1. You can take eatables and drinkables and can have it in the airport but not after you board the flight. After boarding the flight eating is strictly prohibited.

  10. I am so glad your ordeal went fine eventually and you are back home, we were stranded in Gujarat for 88 days and just came back to Delhi

    1. Yes,Roma i had read it in your post that you were stranded in Gujarat.It must have been a difficult period for you and your family.

  11. That’s such an informative and exhaustive post for travelling with kids after lockdown. Yes infact I also do not wear gloves cause chances of infection spread are more in it cause of sticky surface and proper disposal is also an issue.

  12. This post came out on time for us. I have been planning to fly out to my parents place however, was wondering what all to do. Thank you so much for this, I have saved this.

  13. This trip must be really hectic for you with 2 kids and all alone in the flight to handle them. Your post shall help many parents who are goin to take the flight in coming months of pandemic.

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