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When Everyone Else Was Grieving

when everyone else was grieving
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When everyone else was grieving

It was a bright morning with lovely sunshine, a blessing in winter , especially in North India. The bright weather further added cheer to her beaming face that had a different glow today. After 10 long years, she finally conceived and was going to hear the”LUB” “DUB”, the rhythmic sound of her little one’s heart for the first time.

“Avantika, hurry up, we are getting late” a voice from the kitchen jolted her back to the mortal world from her reverie.

She quickly grabbed a comfortable attire from her wardrobe and hurried down to the kitchen from her bedroom which was upstairs. A Lovely smile greeted her with a hot breakfast served at the table.

The thought flashed in her mind “How lucky I am to have a mother-in-law, who is like a mother”.She went and hugged her mother-in-law with teary eyes. Her Mother-in-law patted and teased her promptly by saying “No need to be emotional, I am doing all this for my grandchild” which was followed by the heartiest laugh by the duo.

The day was further brightened with the warmth of the bond that they both shared. She chuckled remembering the old punch line of a TV ad “Neighbour’s envy. Owner’s pride”.The pride was not for a materialistic thing but the beautiful bond that she shared with her mother-in-law, thanking her stars.

It took an hour to reach the clinic with her best buddy whom she called Amma after her marriage. Both were super excited, she had taken an appointment when the crowd was very thin at the clinic. The moment she reached there, only one patient was there, so the wait was not long. All of a sudden she was distracted by the hustle-bustle among the staff members they were trying to make arrangements for another expecting lady whose delivery was due in a couple of weeks. The doctor’s secretary rushed up to her and said there’s an emergency and the lady who had just arrived was taken to be examined urgently. Seeking Avantika’s approval to allow her to be examined first.

The peaceful ambience of the clinic had turned out to be tensed.

She could smell the danger…..

Her fear was further concreted when she heard the howls from the ultrasound room and it was no surprise that something unexpected had happened.

The clinic staff hurried a stretcher and she was rushed to the hospital. The entire clinic was pushed into silence, all of them were teary-eyed as the lady’s 5th IVF attempt failed that too when she was about to deliver in two weeks.

When Avantika enquired about the lady from doctor’s secretary who had turned a pal since last few months. Thousands of thoughts flashed up for her chances and she had turned into a frozen piece of flesh when Everyone else was grieving.

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