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When life throws lemon, try making lemonade.

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Lesson learnt last decade

Life is not just about years but the memories that you carry along, the battles that you win and the failures that you embrace with smile.

The memories that are etched forever in your heart stays with you for lifetime.

I stepped into 2010 to one of the most picturesque places “Queen of Hills” Shimla with my husband. It was like our second honeymoon. With long drives over the hills, enjoying the view of snow-capped mountains through window and being smitten by the mighty Himalayas . We had entered our fifth year of marriage and were planning for a family. This corporate girl of investment banking left her career at it’s peak to attain motherhood.

I might sound stupid for leaving my career in the middle for motherhood when technology can do wonders and create any miracle that one can wish for. But Life is a blank canvas, the shade that gets added are at times out of your control. I was a very ambitious girl and never in my wildest dreams had thought my career would be doomed.

With frequent transfers and family problems that we faced, I took the decision to give my time to my family rather career though it had its own negative impact on me. My intent was to take a short break but that became a sabbatical forever.

Initial years of the decade went in after futile treatments to conceive. I was lucky to have the support of my in-laws and my soulmate who never threw any barbs at me. When you are at home you seem to have ample time, 24hrs becomes 48 as you don’t know how to channelize it. Thanks to my hobbies that helped me not to be depressed and kept me sailing during my battle. Yes, it was a long battle of primary infertility that I fought with medical reasons unknown.

Medically, I was fecund enough to hold life within but destiny had its own plan. During my stay in Shimla, I started imparting my knowledge by teaching less privileged children that rendered me a sense of contentment. It’s rightly said “joy of giving” is far more than receiving, your giving need not be materialistic. With repeated failures of conceiving years passed on and we moved to Kolkata.

Kolkata, the land of great cuisine, rich culture, literature and art. This city exuberates it’s own charm and you are bound to fall in love especially during the “Pujo time”, you can smell the mirth and Maa Durga’s advent. It’s there in the air. Your heart is filled with the joy that is not backed by any mundane happiness.

It was 2012 and we were about to begin a new journey by taking the help of ART. Confused??? Thinking what ART has to do with Medical Science. Well, let me clarify it by giving the full form of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology).

To cut the story, in short, I had to undertake three attempts of IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) consecutively every month to face failure every time. Life seemed meaningless and hopeless with endless hospital visits, hormonal injections, numerous scans and anxieties. To add up to all my woes doctor advised me to go for a Myomectomy (removal of fibroid in the uterus) saying that little fibroid could be the sole culprit.

On 8th June 2012, entered the Operation Theatre for a minor laparoscopic surgery whose duration was supposed to be just one hour. To everyone’s horror, I came out from OT after 5 long hours.

The moment I opened my eyes all I could see was a team of nurses and doctors surrounding my bed as if I was a guinea pig for some experimentation. To my horror I found thick pipe was being forced deep down my throat and I was on a ventilator. Gasping for air the moment I removed my oxygen mask.

OMG!! ?What did happen to me?? Could smell something went wrong for sure.

That’s the benefit of being a life science student if not medical science I was sure something went drastically wrong. Next moment could see my teary-eyed mother – in – law and hubby hurrying to have a glance.

To sum it all up I had a close brush with the inevitable, fortunate enough to be still breathing in flesh and blood. More than me it was a harrowing experience for my family especially for my hubby who cried like a baby thinking that I was gone forever. I had collapsed on the Operation Theatre itself and my blood pressure had shot so high that it caused Pulmonary edema. In layman’s language water filling lungs, as a result you can’t breathe. After this shocking and stressful incident, we dared not to continue with our chase for parenthood. Bibek my soulmate almost took a “Bhisma Pratigyan” for not having a kid at all.

Time heals every wound but the quest for motherhood still lingered in my heart as a silent prayer.

The best thing to do when things don’t work out for you is to let it go. I too gave up the chase mentally and started seeking solace in my hobbies. I was a  classical dancer during my growing up days and had learnt Kathak. But had a keen desire to learn Odissi maybe because it’s my home state.

Odissi helped me to heal both physically and mentally. My body, soul and ghungroo were in sync rendering me inner peace and stability. Further, it gave me a sense of accomplishment when I started giving stage performances and was regularly featured in the local newspaper. Apart from dancing giving tuitions to kids also helped me to heal. Interaction with them was fun and when they cracked JEE or topped the class or got gold medals in Olympiads I was not a proud tutor but a mother of twelve children. Yes, had dozen of them who were my students ten from Kolkata and two from Shimla. Till date, they are in touch and my heart swells with pride when they send me heartfelt messages and cards on Teacher’s day.

When you are desperate for something and even after giving up on your dream or desire, Universe starts conspiring for you. That’s the power of self-belief.

Towards the end of 2014, Bibek got a minor infection with high fever and the doctor who was treating him busted the myths regarding IVF that Bibek had. Thanks to the doctor who not only convinced him but also gave the number and address of the most successful IVF specialist of the city.

In just four months of the consultation, I conceived in the first attempt itself. After that, there was no looking back . In spite of a high-risk pregnancy, were in I was completely bedridden for 9 long months. Finally saw the light on July 2016. After walking a long dark tunnel of despondency I witnessed the dawn of motherhood with not just one but two bundles of joy.

We were proud parents of twins of a boy and a girl. My faith and belief in myself helped me win the longest battle of my life. It’s your belief in yourself that even compels the Universe to make Impossible possible for you.

Though my hands were full being a twin mom I still wanted to do something apart from raising my kids. Desired to have my own space wherein I could pour my heart and soul.

That’s how blogging entered my life. Apart from documenting my journey of raising twins, there was one more reason for entering into the virtual world. That it won’t go back to dust like my other ventures in past. Starting all over again is frustrating.

For blogging, I would just need an internet connection and a laptop or a mobile to work on, that’s it.

Now, no one could snatch it away from me and I gave birth to my third child “Womb2CradleNbeyond” in 2018. Though it’s two years now but started actively blogging only last year. Getting featured on best parenting community and brand collaborations, gave me the confidence to carry it forward with zeal. The best was when I bagged an International collaboration for my blog a couple of months back. That was my first paid collaboration that further boosted my spirits.

Writing was never my forte but surprisingly I authored a fiction ebook last year. “REBORN” , a novella which I wrote for the Pen to Publish contest organized by KDP of Amazon. Never thought in my wildest dreams to have authored an ebook.

Life with a purpose; makes you ALIVE.

It’s available at Amazon at the link below :

The teenaged decade was the most happening decade of my life. My journey from a wife to a twin mother to a blogger and then to the author.The shades that it added to my life canvas were evergreen making it the most cherished decade of my life till date.

At last but not the least the decade got over with a bang when we headed for a 10 day long International holiday to Singapore and Phuket. We all had memories to be treasured for lifetime as a family.

Initial years were of struggles, patience and determination but it all changed in the mid of the decade . Lesson learnt :

* Never give up when things don’t go the way we plan sometimes it’s far better when it unfolds in future. So have patience, strive towards your goal and give your best shot every time.

The best way is to go with the flow of life and navigate through it’s course within our capabilities.

The crux of life is trying making lemonade when life throws a lemon at you.

If you have read so far thanks for your patience.

Wish you all a rocking Decade ahead!!

This post is a part of ‘DECADE Blog Hop’ #DecadeHop organised by #RRxMM Rashi Roy and Manas Mukul. The Event is sponsored by Glo and co-sponsored by Beyond The BoxWedding ClapThe Colaba Store and Sanity Daily in association with authors Piyusha Vir and Richa S Mukherjee.

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134 thoughts on “When life throws lemon, try making lemonade.

  1. Wow! And I mean wow!! Amazing journey. I am left without words to Express my deep admiration for someone with as much spirit as you! Surviving a scare on the operating table and going on to learn, perform and excel at Odissi…… words seem insignificant!!
    And you’re also giving back to society by teaching!!
    Salute to you girl!! ?

    1. Thanks Radhika for your kind words. Faith in Supreme power and belief in myself kept me sailing through the rough patches of life

  2. I just couldn’t stop reading as I went along. What a harrowing time it must have been for you and your family through the conception failures and the surgery. I could come and hug you right now.
    What struck me was that instead of wallowing in sadness you chose to teach, pursue dance . That’s so, so inspiring.
    Who doesn’t love happy ending (beginning) to stories? I’m glad that you are blessed with twins. It will be a wonderful joy ride for all of you. May you have a blessed year ahead.
    Thank you for sharing your life here

  3. You are a dancer! wow! I so want to learn dancing.. Last decade had thrown much lemons at you and glad that you enjoyed the lemonade. Be grateful and go with the flow is really a great tip.

  4. Wow! Amazing perseverance I must say. God bless u and ur family. We all have our share of problems but how we face them and come out clean is what matters. You are an inspiration my dear.

  5. You did have an eventful decade. I could relate to so many things from your post. Three unsuccessful IUIs, injections, the laproscopy etc. I conceived naturally after the laproscopy but i remember after the procedure we both also decided to stop trying. We welcomed our angel in May 2016 at 34 weeks of pregnancy. But thankfully all was well. We have had a very similar journey. Loved your post and looking forward to reading more in the next decade.

    1. Oh wow!! Good to know that actually it was 5 IUI have diluted my journey not to make it appear very sad and long. But all is well if ends well.

  6. You faced many struggles but your strength defined you the best in every situation. Congratulations for being mom to a boy and a girl . Congrats for re living your love for dance . Let me go and check your book link too . Loved your post

    1. Thanks, Monika, if you are a lover of the inspirational and emotional story then you would definitely enjoy it. Hope you would like Reborn. If it touches your heart. Ping me. That would mean a lot to me. Thanks once again.

  7. Very well said Debi,
    ” It’s your belief in yourself that even compels the Universe to make Impossible possible for you”.
    Your journey of decade says it’s all, as a women I can completely resonate with your pain, emotionally and physically both, but I am amazed with your inner strength, how bravely you turned your emptiness into so much accolades and achievements by keeping yourself busy in dancing and teaching, that eventually God is also forced to change your destiny, for me you are a true winner?.

  8. I absolutely loved the title of the post. You are a strong person. And your painful experiences have made you even stronger mentally and emotionally . The way you dealt with all the obstacles is really inspiring. Pulmonary edema episode was really scary !! I know how serious it can be . And really happy to know about your twin blessings .. God bless you with all the happiness and joys in the next decade .. good luck dear !

    1. Thanks Sivaranjini. It was my faith and belief in Supreme that helped me sail through rough patches of life.

  9. Your journey is truly amazing. The way you didn’t give up your hobbies, passion and zest for life is commendable. Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey without any inhibitions with us. Best Wishes!

  10. Oh, God! what a journey Debidatta! You have indeed taken a rebirth after that harrowing experience. I am so glad you were able to overcome all the difficulties and come out a super winner! I like the way you write too. I am here for the first time, but expect me here more often from now on. Congrats on your book too.

    Meena from

  11. A touching post about your roller coaster experience last decade. It was heartening to know how you were blessed with your miracle of motherhood.
    Just goes to show that above all emdical sciences and logic, there is a God. And He is listening! 🙂

    Cheers to good times ahead

    1. A touching post about your roller coaster experience last decade. It was heartening to know how you were blessed with your miracle of motherhood.
      Just goes to show that above all emdical sciences and logic, there is a God. And He is listening! 🙂

      Cheers to good times ahead

  12. What an encouraging post!! You have given the word survivor a new meaning. You woke up from a ventilator and gave birth to twins from completely losing hope to giving your life a new meaning by tutoring 12 students who are also your kids you have been so positive. Reading your post is such an honor.

  13. Struggle patience and determination. You indeed are a good example of all these . Parenting twins is a task.. we couldnot handle one at a time ? time flies. Wishing you best of motherhood and blogging!!

  14. ‘Life is not just about years but the memories that you carry along’ this is so true, life is all about making beautiful memories. It is not easy to leave your career behind even for the sake of family. But you did a great job to channelize your free time by teaching children, and yes joy in giving more than receiving. I can’t even imagine what pain & emotions you must have gone through while trying for a baby but as they say God always has better plans for us. Loved reading your journey and I wish you all the best for the coming years.

  15. Wow! Very Inspiring. Salute to your patience. As a girl, God gave us the power to birth another individual. Sooner or later we want to embrace that feeling. I am glad you got that opportunity with twins. You expressed so beautifully. I was mesmerised with your writing. God bless you! And I must say you made the lemonade with throwing lemons by life. Best wishes!

    Deepika Mishra

  16. Debi ma’am, I don’t know what to say. Lots of things are happening in my mind, and I want to rewind the whole story once again in my mind. While reading your journey to motherhood, I was shivering. When I read your OT phase, I had goosebumps. But I am really glad to know that the Almighty had listened to your silent prayers. And He gifted you two little angels! I pray your children’s life be filled with all the love and light forever.

  17. Wow how beautifully written. So honest, I could feel everything you went through, was praying in my head you come out of the hospital alright. Loved your post a lot. Infact I am at loss of words to describe my feelings.
    Lots of love

    1. Thank you, Deepika for finding it so honest and heart touching. I have diluted it a lot there were more struggles but cut short it for readers.

  18. Congratulations and hugs! I have also faced similar problems so I can understand. Keep up your positive spirit always!!

    Janaki(@beyond the familiar)

  19. i had goosebumps while reading your story.. its so full of ups and downs.. the struggles u have been through could make any lady depressed but u kept moving.. even after accepting to not embrace parenthood when u mentioned about the successful IVF, my heart pounded with joy. ur words have conveyed the emotions so effectively.. keep writing dear and i will definitely check out your ebook..

    1. Thanks Supriti. I was so skeptical about my write – up after reading awesome posts from every blogger. So much of creativity and flawless writing style. But comments like this means a lot to me as i was able to stir up emotions through my words.

    2. Thanks Supriti. Do check out Reborn it’s another inspirational story of a widowed mother.

  20. Debidutta, First thing first, im glad to connect with another twin mommy here. I loved your journey and could relate to it at many points especially fighting infertility and pregnancy. How you fought all the odds ad came our as a shining warrior is inspiring. Wish you a blessed 2020 ahead 🙂

  21. Your post had me in tears. I’ve seen close friends go through the same pain and depression. I’m so happy for both of you (they have a 1yo baby girl).
    You’ve almost diluted your troubles (probably not to overwhelm the readers) but the words show just how strong you are.
    Best wishes and hugs. 🙂

    1. I am so glad Srivalli that you could feel the pain i underwent through. Yes, i Have diluted a lot for the readers not to find it boring or a melancholy read. Thanks for the wishes dear.

  22. When I saw the title of this post, I had to read it right away…I know exactly what you mean by “When life gives you a lemon…” I have also undergone these physical challenges – and can perfectly understand… more power to you for the new decade! 🙂

  23. The title of the post itself says all about your strong and positive attitude.
    Lemons suggest sourness or difficulty in life; making lemonade is turning them into something positive or desirable.
    And you have proved and showed this in the decade.
    Look forward to read “reborn”. I wish you and your twines a happy life in coming years.

    1. Thanks Pragun for kind words. Do give a read it’s an emotional journey of a widowed mom who lost her only son to brain cancer.

  24. It sure was a roller coaster ride down the decade you..It is commendable to say that inspite of everything you have maintained a strong spirit and you never let go of hope.. It was nice to hear that you have lived in Shimla.. I would like to know where you taught the kids in Shimla.Would love to help them..Best wishes for the future…

    1. Are you from Shimla? We lived on Strawberry hills, Chhota Shimla. I Used to teach the caretaker’s sons . Now they are in twelfth and college, probably. Thanks for extending help.

  25. I was going emotionally up and down while reading your journey into motherhood. You are brave. And that unexpected ventilator incident oh mu God.
    May this decade bring you lot of happiness too.

  26. I really enjoyed reading your heartfelt account. I can imagine your tough journey but am happy to note you finally became parents on twins. May God bless you and your family!

  27. Hello! My compliments for staying strong during your lows, finding purpose in others, touching lives and emerging a winner. Yes, self-belief can be miraculous! And your story proves it. Good luck!!??

  28. Truly a heartfelt post. I loved the positivity it exuded. It would indeed help those struggling with infertility and pregnancy. As for life giving you lemons, I am more of a ‘squirt it back in its face’ variety :). Wishing you the very best.

    1. Yes, good ending stories are always welcomed. last year i was not able to complete A2Z after 8 posts . I am writing it as a book now.

    1. Would be very glad if you could share this post to those who need it. My main intent was giving hope who are still struggling. Currently writing it as a book my entire journey of infertility. Thanks for the read.

  29. Such an inspiring journey Debi and I could co relate with so many points. from taking infertility treatment to start a blog..I also had this things in my life journey. I completely agree with you that we should never keep a give up attitude, life has its own way and things happened, even when we loss the hope. lots of love to twins and all the best to you for next decade.

  30. Oh Debi, this was such a sweet, sweet post. I felt like I was walking with you on your journey, seeing you struggle, but ultimately rise up stronger than ever. You are a brave and inspiring woman, and your children are blessed to grow up with such a lovely role model.
    And honestly, you do have good writing skills. Keep writing and inspiring always. Much love <3

    1. I am so overwhelmed to receive such good comments from an accomplished International author herself. It means a lot. Thanks for encouraging me on my writing skills. I was very skeptical about it.

  31. Debidutta – firstly, I appreciate the way you handled it all. I believe that things have a way of falling in place when you let go a little and stop wanting them desperately. I have written about this in my book as well. In fact, i think we should connect with each other – I too published my ebook last month. May you reach great heights! And so happy to hear you have twins 🙂

    1. Yes, Sonam reading your post was pleasure and know you through your words. Will definitely check out your ebook. Is it available on Amazon?

    1. Yes Rohit, things miraculously changed when I accepted and gave up the chase. Though tried for it without any expectations.

  32. With a cliched title I already had made up some monotonous story, but you left me corrected. Your decade was an emotional roller coaster. I must appreciate your patience. The hero of the story for me was when your twines were born. What a lovely story of love and belief. Loved it to the core.
    — rightpurchasing

  33. Big bear hug Debi. Your blog name and brief bio does give a hint of your journey and blog’s existence but reading your first hand account moved me to tears. IVF is not that easy as many people assume. It has months of wait, medications, tears and pain. I have seen that with my close ones. You were blessed with healthy support system during your struggles, wish many get that strong love. I admire you upon diverting energy to help kids.
    Happy parenting and hope you light more lives around you. God bless!

    1. Thanks Pragnya, the journey was tough but with faith on almighty and self-belief was able to achieve the impossible. A request if you could share my blog post or blog to your friends who are suffering from infertility. The whole intent is to help women struggling for motherhood.

  34. People say you have to be patient for things to be happened but I have learnt things come to you at the right time and place, before that we are just making attempts. I felt I was a part of your journey through this post and I know you so well. Here’s wishing a fulfilling next decade.

    1. Thanks Mahek . After reading such awesome posts in this blog hop it seems i know them for long. Nice to be connected.

  35. Hey this is my third attempt to comment. hope it goes through.
    I wanted to say how much I loved your journey. Your strength and resilience are an inspiration to so many women in the same boat. Keep writing and inspiring. The world needs to hear your story.

  36. What a gripping blog filled with your personal trials and tribulations. Like they say, there’s always a silver lining after a dark cloud. Am so glad you kept pursuing your dreams. Your writing style is so touching and mesmerizing. Wishing u the best in life.

    1. Thanks Zenobia for such motivating and kind words . Thanks once again for such heartfelt comment.

  37. This is a journey and thank you for sharing your definitely made a lemonade . Though it’s in few words but I can relate to the 10 years of journey you went through.

    And universe definitely listens to our prayers, but when and what time that’s something a secret. And for all the challenges you went through, I am happy you are blessed with a twins..
    Lovely journey and best wishes

  38. Wow Debi! Hats off to you! I am amazed at your narration of such a difficult time of your life, in such a sensitive and heartwarming manner. I’m so glad you made lemonade from the lemons you were dealt, and inspired the rest of us to do the same with our lemons!

  39. You’re a fighter! With so many health complications it is easy to give up but you faced it all with your will power and positivity. I’m sure God has better plans for you after this. Here’s wishing you a long, happy and healthy life with your three babies. Keep writing and inspiring!

  40. What a harrowing experience it must have been. You are blessed to have a husband like him and a loving family. Congratulations on your twins. I hope you have a wonderful decade ahead with nothing but happiness and smiles all around.

  41. wow…Debi, kudos to you!! staying positive and filled with so many hopes is incredible. You chose to keep going inspire of your challenges and in the end..he listened to your positivity and will power.

  42. I can only say that your post inspires me to write my own ebook soon. Hope this inspiration will be continued and soon I come up with an ebook.
    Your story touched my heart. Best wishes

  43. You are such a determined soul and loves to see the positive side of all the trials and tribulations the life throws at you. I am really amazed at your grit and endurance levels. Kudos and hugs to you. I am taking a lesson or two from your post on the resiliance part especially.

    1. Thanks dear, never imagined that my post could be so inspiring . I think soon, I should come out with my ebook about my entire infertility journey.

  44. Your family must have had a hard time after your operation and glad that all is well in the end. With so much courage you are surely doing a wonderful job!

  45. What a story and what a positive narration. A little bit for every body to learn especially to have a hobby to help you in tough tides n to journey well on sunny days.
    Made me a bit soft in heart n tougher in my resolves

  46. Debi, I really admire you. After going through so much, it’s not easy to have faith. You not only had faith but u made it possible… God bless u and Ur kids always. It was really nice reading about you

  47. Wow this is really a touching story. Even when I delivered the second time, my fever went so high that I went unconscious and my hubby was worried and hoped nothing happened to me.

  48. You have really had an eventful decade dear. So so proud for your strength and hats off to your husband and family for being your pillar of support. Your phase of life about giving up your career for family resonated with me a lot. More power to you for your wonderful future.

  49. I was moved! And got very emotions while reading this. This is the power of your writing and this post truly describes the name of you blog. I usually ponder upon the blog name and try reasoning in my head. Yours is completely ahead of what I could think of. So much pain described positively and the title too! Have heard the phrase before but this post described it the best!

  50. Hugs to you for all you have gone through. The tough phase of your life was long but you were a warrior surviving through. M so happy that it all ended well. Wishing you a beautiful life ahead


  51. It was really a tough time , you have described your operation related condition so heartily that i was even in pain (i am a very soft heart person). Never knew so many medical issues and treatments related to pregnancy related problem…so finally you are blessed with twins.
    A heartfelt write up…

  52. What an amazing journey you have had to reach where you are today! Love the honesty with which you have written. It made me emotional. The Universe has plans and we need to accept that it knows what we need exactly…

    1. Yes, You win the day you accept wholeheartedly your situation in life. My experience says acceptance is the stepping stone towards victory.

  53. Hi. I had read about your pregnancy journey in another one of your posts and was awed by your courage. Such journeys teach us how maintaining our patience in difficult times makes God bless us.

  54. I have developed so much of respect for you after reading this post. If were you, I wouldn’t have had that courage to face things like you did. I would have easily given up. But I am happy on the other side that you were finally blessed with two munchkins.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Maya it means a lot.But believe me journey was difficult not impossible to achieve if you are honest with your heart and karma.

  55. Hey Debi, your decade long journey is very special. I can relate to it completely for we are going through the same sequence of events that you guys went through with no success so far. It is indeed worth praising how you chose not to fall apart but embrace life as it came and make the best out of it. Really happy to know that you were blessed with two bundles of joys. God bless them and keep inspiring 🙂 . Kudos to you for incorporating your journey in the blog for it’s going to help so many people searching for answers and information.

    1. Hi, the main intent of sharing was to instill hope and give adequate information .If you want any help or info . just ping me and would love to help you out in my own humble way.

  56. Highly inspiring. I admire the way you didn’t get depressed or didn’t give up. Am sure your story and your journey will inspire many other women who are going through a similar and difficult phase of life. I strongly believe in following a passion, music has helped me and I was happy to read that dance did the same to you. Hugs to you and love to your twins 🙂 Am so happy you decided to participate in this blog hop and shared this amazing journey with us.

    1. The whole intent of sharing my experience was to give solace to someone sailing in the same boat. Thanks Rashi for organising such an organised and smooth blog hop.

  57. I want to begin by thanking you for being a part of this hop, otherwise we all would have missed out on this amazingly incredible story. I true believe in the fact that if your heart is in the right place and your emotions are honest then the Universe will definitely conspire to make a way. Hum pakka mil rahe hai as soon as i am in panchkula.
    #DecadeHop #RRxMM

    1. Sure Manas . Would love to meet you . You are an amazing person with a very good sense of humour. Looking forward to meet you. Just ping me when you are here in Panchkula.

  58. You are a truly an inspiration from everyone living in the black hole. Indeed destiny always find us sooner or later. God bless the kids and best wishes for Blogging.

  59. Wow. That’s an amazing journey. Life gives us lemons but it also gives us an opportunity to make lemonade! That is an incredible and truly inspiring journey. I am so glad that your students are still in touch! That’s very sweet. I am glad that you didn’t let all those keep you down. I am so happy that you persisted and even more happier that your biggest wish came true – your sweet little bundles of joy. Congratulations on your blog too. Keep writing, keep inspiring 🙂

    1. Thanks Shweta, for all your warm wishes. Challenges of life definitely makes you strong and resilient.

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