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Wow prompt: What if ?

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What if, there is no Facebook existing?No more Instagram, Pinterest,Tumblr and any other social media? The above mentioned are the new faces of communication, giving new dimensions to internet.

Today in this era of technology,we don’t have time for family and friends but can spend hours on Facebook,Whats App and other social media platforms to make friends.

The first thing that we care about in the morning is looking for our most beloved,4″ by 2″ gadgets,replacing all close relationships . Early morning exercises, meditation, hugs & kisses to beloved ones all are being lost to social media. We all have started living in virtual world creating fake stories ,bragging about our fake lives to draw attention.

The kaleidoscopic images that we create of our lives in social media attracting long list of ardent followers but failing badly to maintain a cordial one with them, who matters most to us.

Today ,we cherish and admire virtual friendship, virtual love,virtual relationship and even virtual celebration of festivals ,bidding goodbye to real world and all human emotions attached to it.

No doubt, the social media has given access to reach farthest corners of the world ,know various cultures and festivals but inhumanely have pushed us far away from the mirth ,that get togetherness of kith and kin which festival usually renders. Festivals are integral part of every household which helps in knitting close bond among its members. Rather having laughter that should echo the house during festivals,we often are busy clicking and uploading pictures of our attire ,instead of enjoying the mouthwatering delicacies more interested to edit the pictures,the story does not ends with sheer uploading of festival pics but checking every now and then for the thumbs up for those pics. Rather indulgence and celebration in our present world ,we are trapped in the vicious cycle of social media.

Still cherish those handwritten notes of friends and family that emails and SMS can never replace,still want to feel the fresh morning air and dew on grass rather fiddling through good morning messages,still want to sit with beloved sipping tea and enjoying sunset.

All I want , is to go back to real world shattering the trap of virtual world rendered by today’s social media.

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